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I will say this. Every crime is not the same. Motivation, circumstances and age matters. I personally see Gabi has a horrible person then Will when it comes their two crimes.
I agree that motivation, circumstances and age should matter too....so why are we dismissing what was Gabi's motivation...she wanted to get someone to notice her, someone she liked but that person was hovering around someone else....her motivation was to get someone to hurt HER, put HER life in danger, so that Chad could come running and that would create a division in his relationship with Mel. I think Gabi's motivation should matter....she hired a stalker to stalk HER, he managed to be a loon and went rogue and did whatever the hell he wanted....targeted Mel and the result was people died....but it wasn't like Gabi set it out that she wanted to kill Mel, so she hired Andrew to do it...motivation should be considered when it comes to that...circumstances too.......

Full blown adults have hurt people intentionally in this town and walk free....why should Gabi have to pay?
Did Gaby know that he had Melanie? self preservation trumps Melanie's life I suppose.
That is my real problem with Gabi. She is all about herself. I think the hiring of the stalker and all was juvenile, but I totally get that there was no harm to Melanie intended. However, once she knew Andrew had Melanie and what he was doing it was more important to her to protect herself than rescue her 'best friend'. She met Nick and liked him and then he told her he was against gay people. Initially she balked, but when it meant she might not be able to have what she wanted (Nick) she was willing to be with someone that was prejudiced against her 'best friend'. When she told Will she was pregnant he was adamant that she would not be alone and even offered to marry her. She came up with, researched, and told Will she wanted the abortion, but when it all came out she allowed Rafe and everyone else to believe that it was her 'best friend's' (Will's) idea. He was the one that wanted it. When her 'best friend' was being blackmailed by her boyfriend/husband she was willing to overlook it because it worked in her favor. Gabi's idea and treatment of friendship is and always has been my biggest problem with her and why I believe no one should trust her. She will do and allow whatever as long as she comes out looking innocent or gets her way.
Great post. I agree 100%.
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