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Sep 26 2013, 06:04 PM
Sep 24 2013, 02:42 PM
PSA: Like I said....Re-Populate the Dimera Mansion. Whether anyone wants to admit, The Dimera clan are as much a part of this show as the Horton's and the Brady's. They are Historic and larger than life, they just need better writing, that's all.
They need a rest, some of them permanently.

THE DIMERAS: We can agree to disagree.

It's obvious Stefano is more effective if they loop him in and out of stories in different time periods. Stefano is best when he comes to town with a vendetta and game plan. JER understood that Stefano was best used during storylines that needed him, but then he would disappear for a while and re-emerge just as vicious as ever. In my opinion (and I know other soap fans that don't even watch Days admit this) Stefano is the greatest villain daytime has ever seen.

Do the Dimera's need a shake up? Yes! The show has lost so much promise with this family by looking over what is right in front of them.

Lexie was at her very best when she acted like a Dimera, and the show threw that out of the window for no apparent reason. Renee was phenomenal when she played Lexie with a Dimera edge.

Tony was a great gray character that could be compassionate one minute and vindictive the next. The writers understood Tony and what his character's behavior should reflect in the 1980's. After that, it was all very hit and miss, and it ruined a very promising character played by an incredible actor! Now it has been a while, and it could work having him back. It would depend on the plot and his influence on the canvas. Thao is too good to become a trinket character.

Anna was Tony's perfect match, and I loved watching them adore and irritate the hell out of each other. It was a selfish and fitting pairing. Anna is such a schemer and will always be hell bent on getting what she wants. She can always be used, and she rubs Marlena the wrong way, which was always fun to watch.

Peter is out there somewhere, and if they were to cast Peter right, he would be a great character to have involved in stories as a villain. The character of Peter actually has a load of potential because he was historically present in the 1990's, but could be redefined with a more malicious twist and a great recast (the recast would have to be a known actor with credentials). I can see where some good casting could make Peter a dynamite character.

They could also have a "long lost son" or "long lost daughter" come home looking for his/her father Tony.

I can see why people think they are stagnant. The lone jewel in the Dimera crown right now is Kristen, and now she's gone. There are so many ways to use the vast history the Dimera family has on this show to build it up in a believable way and make it fresh again.

To make the family grounded, stop giving me some strange and gray characterization of Stefano. Stefano is cruel, malicious, evil, and a genius. You would never know that watching the show now. He's a victim of bad writing.

Also...... Give me an EJ break. I know it won't happen, but one can dream. He doesn't act like a Dimera at all. He isn't used the right way, and it makes the whole family seem watered down. James is great when he's a real villian. That's when his star really would shine. Now, he's gaga for Sami and his personality is getting more bland by the day.

With all that said, we don't need less Dimeras, we need some to start acting like a Dimera, some need to exit the canvas, and others need to come back razor sharp.

For around 30 years they have been involved in story, just like the Brady's. That's a legacy family and the Dimera's have been for some time. The writers need a good history lesson about how this family really operates, and then they need Stefano on screen in prominent form for some major story arcs, and after the arc place him in the background for advice while his children and grandchildren create trouble for various characters and couples. The last time they did it like that, it worked. When they abandon that formula, or turn Stefano soft, it makes a longtime viewer cringe.

Just stop trying to play it nice Days. Make them formidable again with good recast, and evil offspring. Have Stefano on heavy in a story that has malice and intrigue, and then let the kids play, and rinse and repeat. The Dimera's need a make over, not an exit sign (unless you are EJ, in which case you seem more like a Horton now than a Dimera)
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