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The Scorpion
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Sep 26 2013, 03:56 PM
Oh, and another thing. This "sanctimonious" thing is garbage. So, what, a person who has once done something bad, couldn't ever in the future tell someone not to do something bad or warn another person about someone else who is doing something wrong? Considering ALL of Salem, not to mention all of mankind, have once done something wrong, how would that work exactly? So no one could basically tell anyone about anything? How would parents raise their children? Did it not ever occur that people who have done bad things have possibly learned from them and are trying to prevent others from doing the same mistakes they have? I don't fault Will or Sonny one bit for saying they don't trust Nick. They shouldn't. They have no reason to. Whatever they have or haven't done in their past has nothing to do with it.

To plea to someone being sanctimonious, and thus getting them to be quiet, is just a way for the person to try to avoid the real issue.
I certainly agree with you :) Another thing I thought about why this boring sentence like HE is a changed man? My god can Days stop this nonsense in their script? Take for example, Chad, Abby and Cameron this does not work especially when it is obvious that Chad is the most charismatic of the two guys, and everyone knows that the boring guy like Cameron is not interesting, I mean, the concept does not work in television the poor little girl, bad guy, and boring regular guy, at least not for me.
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