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Well when you have to deal with two psychos, who can blame them. In regards to them being judgmental.
Thank you. It is so amazing how they have become the villains for not falling at the altar of Nick. I would probably feel different if they were actually wrong. Nick is a psycho and Gabi is the type that will turn on a friend if it suits her needs.
I think WilSon has very obvious and valid reasons for not liking or trusting Nick, as well as Gabi when she's under Nick's influence. I don't begrudge them those feelings or being concerned. My problem is that I don't like how they are expressing those feelings or concern. They don't come across like friends who are worried about Will's baby mama. They come across like hypocritical, judgmental asses.
I totally agree. The condescension coming off of Will and Sonny was so thick you could cut it with a knife. I get why Sonny and Will have an issue with Nick, but when its taken to that level THAT'S when their connections and actions are looked into. I mean, I'm pretty sure Will will take little Arianna to see Grandma Sami (not exactly innocent) at Stefano's house. Are they good influences on a child? Morally superior to Nick? On Sonny's side, is Victor? It's one thing to voice concerns - they constructed a flippin glass mansion. When you do that, someone is bound to throw a stone or two.
I personally do not think Sami, Stefano, Victor, EJ or anyone else you can name on this soap could claim moral superiority. Will has also not claimed that he or anyone else is morally superior to Nick. In any case I think that is irrelevant. Nick tried to take his child from him. Was willing to blackmail him and threaten his entire family with ruin to take his child from him. Will had to almost die trying to save Nick in order for Nick to change his mind about taking Will's child from him. Will keeps complaining about what Nick has done and, except for once IIRC, it has always been about Nick blackmailing him and trying to take his child. The main point is, in case I haven't said it enough, Nick was willing to do anything to take his child from him. I personally would think myself morally superior if I ever trusted that person in the vicinity of my child ever again. Is it so far fetched for him to believe if Nick became involved with Gabi that he might try to do it again? I mean in Nick's mind he has lived right and done no wrong since he was paroled (his words). He also feels like in the little time that has passed he is being unfairly treated because two people (Will and Sonny) have not decided that he is good people. Everyone else seems to have forgotten or could care less, but the person he actually wronged hasn't embraced him so he is being unfairly treated. Even his demeanor with Will since he has gotten back with Gabi has become cocky and dare I say superior. From the preview I know Will is going to make some comments that I will not agree with, but let's be clear Will's problem with Nick is not just that he is a bad person. His problem is that he is a bad person that has proven himself to be obsessive about Gabi and by extension his child.
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