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Director: Herb Steind
Scriptwriter: Janet Iacobuzio

Segment 1: Chad - It's nothing. I had a bump on my head at the 4th of July picnic. I went to the hospital. They gave me a CT scan. It showed something. EJ - Why didn't you tell me about this? Chad - Because what it showed was a false positive. It was a false alarm. It was over before it started. EJ - If that's the case why are you reading about experimental treatments.

Abby - Why would you think Chad would hurt me? Sonny - I didn't mean to imply that he would. It's just ... Chad and I are friends and we work together ... I just don't want to see you get hurt. That's all. Just watch out. Gabi walks up. If that's the way you talk about your friends I'd hate to hear you talk about people you don't like.

Nick and Kate are at the pub. He hands her a flashdrive. That formula is going to make you a lot of money. Kate - You've got my attention. Will comes in. Hi Grandma. What's going on? Are you hiring Nick back?

Rafe is in a wheelchair. He tells Jordan he's so ready to do work in an actual physical therapy room, he can't even describe it. Jordan - You remember what I said about pushing it. You've got a long way to go Mr. Hernandez. I'm not going to let you overdo it in there no matter how good you're feeling. Rafe - That didn't last long. Jordan - What didn't? Rafe - Your sense of humour. The other day you were cracking jokes; I started to believe you were actually human. I guess it was just a fluke.

Theresa is sitting on a bench in the square talking to herself. I may have to leave Salem but there's no way I'm going home. She throws the airline ticket in the garbage and ends up running into Jen. Well you did it. You've officially ruined my life. Now I have to leave town. Congratulations you bitch.

JJ claims he doesn't know what Dan is talking about. I don't have to put up with you anymore so I'm out of here. Dan - Well someone broke into my place and spent the night so unless you want me to call the cops I suggest you stop right there.

EJ - According to the time stamp on this paper, you printed it yesterday so you're obviously still concerned. Chad - I was curious after it happened, that's all. Let's let it go. EJ - My sister died of a brain tumour. Chad - I told you, the scan was a false positive. It's okay. EJ - You're certain? Who did the CT? Chad - A doctor of course. It's fine, it's okay. EJ - You're lying to me. Chad - Drop it please. EJ - You recognise that I'm on the board of directors of the hospital. I can make one telephone call to Kayla ... Chad - Don't! Please just leave it alone. EJ - Then why don't you tell me what's really going on.

Theresa - So is this how you get your kicks. Does it make you happy to know that my entire family has abandoned me. Seriously. No one's left out. Aunt Kayla, Uncle Roman, Grandma Caroline, who would forgive Satan btw. Yeah, they're all sending me back to L.A and they know that means I have to face jail time. They don't care. Jen - I don't get my kicks out of anyone's failure. I feel sorry for you, I do. I feel sorry for your parents. This whole fresh start that you were supposed to make in Salem; it didn't work out. But if your job was so crucial to you, you might have tried something novel like working. And oh, not embezzling hospital funds. That might have helped too. Theresa - Okay, so I made a mistake but so did you by not taking me up on my offer. Because if you had given me my job back JJ would have been home by now. But now, well, you've probably lost him for good.

JJ - Okay Dude, I didn't break into your place man. You and your constant accusations ... Dan - Someone was at my apartment while I was gone. Things were moved. There was a framed picture of your mom and me shattered. JJ - Okay, I don't know man, maybe it was Parker's nanny or something. Dan - Here's the thing. If my super were to see a picture of this girl you've been hanging out with; the one with the dark hair. He wouldn't recognise her as someone pretending to be my daughter Melanie, right? And if I ask my neighbours if they saw you hanging around the building last night ... JJ - Okay man I was there but I didn't steal anything. I was only there to crash just for a few hours. Dan - That is still breaking and entering. JJ - Fine, why don't you go ahead and call the cops. They have a list. Why don't you go ahead and add to it. I know you're just dying to send me to prison. Dan - What! No, that is the last thing I want to do. JJ - You just accused me of breaking and entering. Dan snaps - 'Cause you just did! My God! Look, I don't want to make things worse for you, I really don't. So here's the deal. I'm going to make you a promise okay. I am not going to tell the cops or your mom or anybody about this. I will keep it between you and me. JJ - What's the catch? Dan - There is none. Yeah, none. All I ask is that you hear me out for 5 mins. Would you be willing to do that?

Segment 2: Kate - Nick recently did some freelance work for me and it was such a success that I told him to contact me if he dreamed up anything else and he did. Nick - To be honest, I was just trying to make up for the loss of the formula that your boyfriend and your mom stole from Kate. Will - He just can't stop himself from taking a shot, can he? Kate - He's just stating a fact. Sami was behind all of this although I didn't know that Sonny was a part of it. Nick - He was but I totally understand why I deserved it. Will - Wow, that's surprisingly evolved of you to admit that. Nick - Evolved? Kate - Okay, so I guess I was apparently under the wrong impression because I thought everyone was getting along lately. Will - No, everybody is getting alone. It's just that he tried to put my mom in jail by whining to everybody that 'oh she pulled a gun on me'. Nick - First of all, your mom is a free woman so that's a moot point. Second, I wouldn't have come forward if Kate hadn't said anything. And for the record, everything I said on the witness stand was true. Will - Okay, good for you. I'm going to go say hi to Grandma Caroline then Sonny and I are taking Ari to the zoo. Kate - That sounds so nice. I would really like to spend more time with the baby. Nick - I have to go. Let me know if you're interested in any of my ideas. Kate - Sure. Nick leaves. Kate - You know it actually was my fault that Nick was called to the witness stand. Will - Oh sure, nothing that Nick does is ever his fault.

Abby - Answer my question. Why is it that you think Chad is going to hurt me? Sonny - Chad is my best friend and my business partner, I would feel like an ass saying anything about him. Gabi - Then why'd you say it? Sonny - This is not your concern. Gabi - Well Abigail is my friend. I think it is. Abby - I don't mind if she hears this. Can you just tell me what you mean. Sonny - He's a great guy. I would not be friends or business partners with him if I did not think that was true. But you know this. You know he's done some messed up stuff in the past and he has really hurt people. Gabi - Yeah, like he ruined my wedding. Sonny - Yeah that was pretty rotten but at the time I didn't know he had a very good reason for doing that.

Chad takes the papers from EJ. It was Cameron. He did the initial CT scan and broke the news to me that I may have a tumour. So I went to a specialist to see if I could get a 2nd opinion. I received a clean bill of health, I swear. EJ - But this research does not suggest a clean bill of health. Chad - For a while there I thought I was sick, that I had a brain tumour and so did Cameron. He was acting all supportive and concerned and then he stabbed me in the back. EJ - What! Chad - The guy thought that I was sick, that I could be dying and I come back from my appointment with the specialist which he knew about to find him making out with Abigail. Do you call that supportive? EJ - Aww ... I see. So you pretended you had a brain tumour to punish him, right? Chad - I wasn't planning on lying to him. I don't know what happened. I saw him making out with Abigail, I couldn't control myself. I was so angry. EJ - It's okay. I understand. Chad - You do? EJ - Yeah. Actually I think you made a very wise decision.

Jen - I don't regret turning down your offer because I know once you leave town you're not going to have an influence on my son anymore and then he might be able to start thinking straight again. Theresa - You're dead wrong. I was your last best chance to get JJ to come home because trust me on this Jen Jen, the kid hates you. Jen - Okay, we're done here. Theresa - I may be leaving Salem but I will never forget how you ruined my life and trust me on this ... someday, somehow, I will find a way to make you pay for it. Jen walks away. Theresa calls out - Sleep tight.

JJ - Okay. Dan - JJ, go home. Go be with your mother and make things right with her. JJ - What's the point, man! She doesn't care about me at all. She practically forced me out of the house with all of her crazy demands. Dan - Because she loves you and wants you to get your life back on track. Before you came back from school; before I met you, I felt like I knew you because your mom, she was non-stop about you. About what a good kid you are; how smart and funny and caring. She just won't let up; she doesn't. Always showing me pictures. Telling me you started talking when you were just 18 mons. old and you're first word was Abba for Abigail. Our first date ... you ... YOU ... were the major topic of conversation. JJ - You're just saying that man. Dan - Why would I bother just saying that. I know about your academic awards. That 3rd grade report card where you got all A's and a A+. And the sports trophies ... how you were captain of the lacrosse team back in England as a sophomore. Captain! As a sophomore. JJ - Yeah. That was pretty cool. Dan - Damn right man! And all the Little leagues stories! She told me about how when the game was close you'd be put in as a pinch runner because you were so, so fast. And how you hit not one, but two Grand Slams in a Championship game. Come on, what! You know your mom videoed the entire game. We watched it a few months ago and she just ... I don't know ... you should have heard her just cheering you on while we watched. It's like she was right there and it was happening again. She was proud of you, really proud. And I know for a fact despite all this trouble you've gotten into, she still is proud of you. Tell you something else, man. I know you love your mom and your sister and this whole being apart thing is just as hard on you as it is on them so go fix it. Go home man and just work things out. JJ - Even if I did it wouldn't change anything. You're still going to force your way into my mom's life and turn her against me. What's the point man!

Segment 3: Jordan - I'm not your court jester, I'm your physical therapist. Rafe - Yes you are but do you always have to look like it's raining and your forgot your umbrella. Jordan - If you are making good progress you will be the first to know but you're a grown up and I'm not going to coddle you. And as for me inadvertently making a joke, I'll be more careful next time. Rafe - Does that mean you're not going to open up for me at the comedy club 'cause I think we can take this shtick on the road. He starts telling a joke as she wheels out of his room.

Gabi - You're right. Chad did have a good reason to stop my wedding. Neither of us nor Will should have lied about Arianna's paternity. Abby - But still it wasn't up to Chad to expose your secret like that especially at your wedding in front of all those people. Gabi - No he shouldn't have. It wasn't any of his business. But you know the good thing is that it was for best that everyone found out Will was the father of my baby. So in a way Chad helped and since then we've made amends so that's that. Abby - Chad's changed and I can vouch for that. And I'm going to be late for my lunch with him if I don't leave right now. Thank you both for being protective but who Chad is now, he's never going to hurt me again. She leaves.

Chad - You approve of me lying to Cameron. EJ - It got you what you wanted, didn't it? He played the good guy and backed out of your little triangle and now you have Abigail all to yourself. Chad - Yeah. EJ - And because of doctor / patient confidentiality he can not tell Abigail why he backed out. Chad - Exactly. He and Kayla both think I have a brain tumour and they can't say anything which is good. I don't want Abigail to know about any of this. EJ - No, she'd ask far too many questions about your treatment. So you're just going to bide your time until you're cured and no one's going to be any the wiser. Excellent. Chad - And I was sure you were going to think I was totally insane. EJ - Oh good grief no. I like Cameron but you're my brother and if Abigail makes you happy I support that. You're thinking like a DiMera. Chad - I'm not sure if that's high praise but I'll take it. EJ - Good reason for you to move back into the mansion. Chad - I can't move back in with Stefano for my own reasons and Abigail ... it just won't go over well. I hope you understand. EJ - Of course. Chad - I've got to go and meet Abigail at the pub for lunch. EJ - Don't let me stop you. Chad - Thank you for being so supportive. I'm glad we had this talk. EJ - Yes me too. He smiles as he leaves.

JJ - You were right before. My mom did love me until you came in and you messed it all up and you made her think that I'm this awful son because you kept bad-mouthing me all the time. Dan - That's just not true. JJ - I know you hate me. The only reason you're telling me to fix it is so you can score points. It's actually pathetic. Dan - No, I love your mom and ... JJ - Shut up. You are not my Dad and you never will be. You will never take his place, ever. Dan - I'm not trying to. JJ - Yes you are and I'm not going to let you use me to win her over. I'm not going to go home so you can play hero. He starts to leave. Dan grabs his arm. We're not done. JJ - You need to let go of me ... Jen walks up. What's going on?

Segment 4: Nick is sitting in the park looking at his Tablet. Damn it, not one modelling agency in this town has responded. Jerks! They should be jumping at the opportunity to sign someone as beautiful as Gabi. I'm going to make this happen for you; for both of us.

Gabi holds out a sweater to Sonny. I came by to drop this off. I don't want Ari to be cold when she goes to the zoo. I wonder what Will would say if he found out your were trashing Chad. Sonny - I don't know what you think you heard but I was not trashing Chad. How could I blame my friend for making a few mistakes when you almost single-handedly destroyed his entire life.

Chad and Abby kiss and make small talk. EJ walks into the pub and sits at their table. Chad - What are you doing here? EJ - I'm sorry, but I simply can not stay away. Abby - From? EJ - I want to be here when you break this news to Abigail so I can support you. Abby - What news?

Theresa is still in the square talking to herself. This sucks. I still don't have enough money for a plane ticket. And the bus ... eww ... I can't be one one of those gross poor people. How the hell am I supposed to get out of this town. She notices a biker walking by. Hey, it's a beautiful fall day. I'd love to go for a motorcycle ride. I know we just met but my instinct tells me you're a really good guy. Guy - Then you should trust your instinct then. Theresa - Then you'll give me a ride. Guy - Depends on what I get in return. Theresa - Oh trust me, I'll definitely make it worth your while.

Jen - What are you two fighting about? JJ - All I promised you was 5 mins. I gave you that. Dan - I was just trying to convince JJ to go home. JJ - But he blew it, big surprise. He leaves. Jen tries to get him to stop to no avail. She rounds on Dan - What were you thinking!

Segment 5: Theresa - So Chicago, huh. Guy - Your kind of town? Theresa - You bet. Theresa sees Anne. You know what, change of plans. I kind of need you to do me a different kind of favour but I'll make sure you're well compensated it for it. She hands him her money.

Rafe is back in bed. Alright, I got it. The inside of that therapy room actually looked familiar. Jordan - How? Rafe - Like inside the Tower of London. Jordan - I'll have the duty nurse bring you some pain meds. Rafe - Would beer be acceptable? He gets the look and chuckles. There's the face again. Come on, I torture you, you torture me ... level the playing field. No ... a little ... Kate comes in. Jordan - That's it for this session. I'll see you for the next one. Rafe - Yay! I can't wait. It will be awesome. Jordan leaves. Kate - I have to say, with the possible exception of Victor Kiriakis, I think she's one of the least personable human beings I've ever met. Rafe - Yeah, she does come off that way.

Gabi - You can't wait, can you? Sonny - For what? Gabi - To tell everybody what I did to Melanie. Sonny - Not everybody but I would like to tell my boyfriend. Will and I don't keep secrets from each other. But it's a legal thing. I promised my Dad and Chad that I wouldn't say anything so I won't but I know what you did affected Chad and Melanie's relationship. He lost her because he found out what you did and kept it secret. I know he regrets not telling Melanie the truth or going to the cops right away. Gabi - Yeah, I bet you do too because then I'd be in jail. I'd be out of your life and Will's and also you wouldn't have a baby cramping your style. Sonny - Now you're crossing a line. Gabi - No, I'm telling the truth. Sonny - Don't you ever talk about Ari and me. You know I love that little girl. Gabi - Well, if that's the case, then you need to start respecting her mother a little bit more. She leaves.

EJ - So Chad and I had a long talk earlier and after we parted I gave it a lot of thought and I simply can not support you keeping this from Abigail any longer. Chad protests. EJ - I'm asking you to do the right thing. Abby - What is EJ talking about? Chad - Nothing. EJ - Come on, brother. I understand your reasons for keeping her in the dark, I do but if you think back to what it was that we discussed earlier, you'll realise that this is the right decision. Now if it would be helpful in any way I'd be quite happy to tell her for you.

Segment 6: Will and Ari are at the club with Sonny. Sonny comments that Will looks a little distracted. Will is. I just had a run-in that I wish I hadn't had. It was Nick. Nothing happened but as you know that never goes well. He thanks Sonny for bringing the sweater. Sonny didm't, Gabi dropped it off. She's a really good mom. They talk about going to the zoo with Ari.

Gabi opens the apt. door to Nick. Is it okay that I stopped by. Gabi - Sure. Nick - I knew Will wasn't going to be here because he is with Arianna at the zoo. I saw him at the pub. Gabi - Should I be concerned? Nick - It wasn't great. Gabi - Did you guys fight? Nick - No, there's always this underlying tension between me and Will all the time. Gabi - I'm sorry Nick. Nick - It's okay. It just gets me thinking it's going to be hard to have a fresh start and to have people think that I've changed with all this ancient history revving everyone's engines up all the time. Gabi - Unfortunately I know the feeling. Nick - What do you mean? Who's in your face? Gabi - Sonny and I had an argument just now. Nick - What about? Gabi - The Melanie thing. He keeps bringing it up, throwing it in my face and honestly I'm afraid he's going to blab it to somebody. Nick - I doubt that. Gabi - Then why does he keep bringing it up. Nick - To scare you I guess because he knows if he tells anyone about it Chad, his buddy, is going to land in jail and it's going to be an even bigger problem for his Dad, Justin, because he's the one who drew up the papers to keep it secret in the first place. Gabi - You always know how to make me feel better. Nick - It's my favourite thing in the world.

Abby - This is starting to freak me out so can you tell me what's going on? Chad! EJ - You see Abigail, Chad is being ... Chad - I've been doing a lot of thinking and I've made the decision to move back into the DiMera mansion. That's what this is about. EJ - See, was that so hard. Abigail - I don't understand. Why did you think you had to keep that from me? Obviously I was going to find out eventually. Chad - I wasn't totally sure it was the right thing to do and I thought you wouldn't approve of this. Abby - It's your family's house and with your father not living there ... EJ - He might come back at some point. Abby - Is this really what you want? Chad - It wasn't an easy decision but I think it's the right one. EJ - Yeah, definitely the right decision to make. Abby gets a call she has to take. She steps away. Chad - You S.O.B. EJ grins and winks.

The biker tries to grab Anne's purse. Theresa runs to her rescue kicking the guy and shoving him away. Out of here, you loser. Anne, are you okay? Anne - Yes, thank you. You really saved the day. Theresa - You're the tough one. You have a really good grip. Anne - Yeah but if you weren't around though ... Theresa - I guess you got lucky. Anne - Lucky? I don't think so. Theresa - What else would you call it? Anne - I saw you with the creep before. You totally just set that whole thing up.

JJ finds Rory sleeping on a park bench. Wake up dude. Rory - What's up? JJ - It's Dr. Dan. Rory - What about him? JJ - He knows that we broke into his apt.

Jen - Did you approach JJ? Did he approach you? Dan - I approached him. I just wanted to talk to him about going home. Jen - Did you really think that would work! You know how JJ feels about you and you thought it would be okay to provoke him. Really, you just got in his face like that. You can't stop yourself? Dan - I just wanted to help. Jen - How does that help! You just made everything worse.

Segment 7: Kate is talking about Ari. She notices Rafe staring off into space. Is everything okay. Rafe - I was just thinking about Jordan. She's so difficult to read. Kate - Why would you even bother. She's here to help you that's what matters, right? Rafe - I get it. It's just that I find it interesting when someone fights so hard to be someone they're not.

Jordan stands by the nurses station and watches Kate and Rafe talking before shaking her head and getting back to her notes.

Chad - I can't believe what you just did to me. EJ - It was brilliant, even if I do say so myself. Chad - You blackmailed me. EJ - Oh please. Stop being so dramatic. Chad - What was all that supportive talk back at my place. EJ - I'm very supportive of you Chad. It's about time you started being supportive of me. If you moving back into the mansion makes Father happy it makes life a lot easier for Samantha and me. Chad - Of course because I was put on this earth to make life easier for you and Samantha; I totally forgot that. EJ - Why are you still whining and moaning Chad? Think of the plus side. You and I get to spend more time together. Chad - Considering what you just did to me, you played me. EJ - You've been in this family long enough to know how the system works. Chad - I just have one question for you. If I hadn't agreed to move back in the mansion would you have told Abigail that I was lying to Cameron this whole time about the brain tumour. EJ - Well luckily for the both of us, we will never know the answer to that question. He leaves. Abby comes back - Your brother's gone? Chad - Seems to be. Abby - Great. Now you can tell me what's really going on.

Nick kisses Gabi's neck. She tells him - We can't. Nick - I'm sorry. You're just so beautiful. I get near you and I want you. I can't help it. Gabi - That's really sweet of you. Nick - It's the truth but I don't want to make you uncomfortable so I'm going to go. Gabi - You get to me too and I'm really glad you're here. They kiss. Will comes in - What the hell is going on?

Theresa - No, you've got it all wrong. Anne - What were you trying to accomplish? I did hear Jennifer canned your lazy, insolent ass. Did you think that was going to get you your job back? Theresa - Well you work in HR ... Anne - I know where I work. It's impossible. It's not going to happen. Not now, not never. However, what you just pulled here was nutty as hell. Sometimes nutty can be another word for nervy or moxie or initiative. Qualities I find in short supply at work not to mention the universe at large. I also know that your point of view about your former boss is pretty identical to mine which I deeply appreciate. Theresa - Meaning? Anne - Meaning I think despite whatever problems you may have with Jennifer there still may be a place for you at Salem University Hospital after all.

Rory - If Dr. Jonas knows that we broke into his apt. he's going to call the cops on us. JJ - No. I think we're okay. We don't have to worry about that. Rory - Why not? Because he's just okay with it? JJ - No, because he doesn't have the guts and he also promised that he wouldn't say anything. Rory - He did? JJ - Yeah. Rory - Wow, that was cool of him. Maybe he's not so bad Dude. JJ - Daniel's a jerk. What's he trying to do is use me to get close to my mom again. I ain't letting that happen. I'm never going to accept the guy ... never!

Jen - What did you say to my son? What made him so upset? Dan - I told him the truth. That you were worried about him and he needed to go home but he said no. Then he accused me of trying to score points with you. Jen - What did you say? Dan - I told him that he was wrong and then I told him that I love you. Jen - Why did you say that? Dan - I'm sorry if this upsets you. I really am but I am not going to hide my feelings about you for anyone ... Jen - Don't you understand that was the wrong thing to say to him. Dan - How? Should I have lied? Jen - No, you shouldn't say anything to him at all. You know how precarious this situation is. I may never get my son back and for you to just get in his face like that ... I'm begging you to stay away from my son and I am begging you to stay away from me. I don't want to see you again.
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