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Sep 25 2013, 11:19 PM
Sep 25 2013, 10:34 PM
I don't sense anything between Missy and Shawn, really. I'm not saying they don't get along, or they don't like each other as people, but as acting partners, they don't respond to each other somehow.

The thing is, I DO see chemistry between Missy and Shawn. When Jennifer and Daniel first got together in 2011, I liked them. The actors clicked, and the writing was decent. But in the back of my mind, I knew that Jack was coming back and I knew that Dannifer wasn't endgame, so I suppose that's why it didn't bother me so badly.

Cut to the present. Jack is dead, killed off in an elevator shaft without a second thought, and it is CLEAR that the writers have absolutely no intention of ever bringing him back. Not only that, but Days has managed to make literally every female character on the show (Maggie, Chloe, Nicole, Abigail, Maxine, Kristen, Hope, etc.) a Dannifer WORSHIPPER. TomSell's Dannifer IS endgame, and I think that's why it is so hard to watch. You can even see it in the actors. The spark that existed between Missy and Shawn two years ago just isn't there now.

Daniel became intolerable for me when they made him Maggie's son. That's really what did his character in.
I didn't have a problem with Jennifer and Daniel before Jack returned but the writing for them has been atrocious since Jack's death.Both actors are probably aware of the Soap Opera Digest poll months ago saying only 4% liked the couple and continuing negative feedback.I wonder if this has impact on the way both are playing scenes with each other.
I like the writing for Cameron as a earnest good guy who loves Abby and truly cares about Chad.They are writing Chad as a pig.He is taking advantage of Cameron's concern for him.He is hostile toward Cameron claiming Cameron took advantage of his doctor's appointment to date Abby when he in fact intruded in the relationship between Cameron and Abby.When talking to Cameron it occurred to him that Cameron loves Abby and he seemed surprised that Cameron actually loved her.He knew he was Abby's first love and while talking to EJ referred to their "love making" as "taking the plunge" which I found to be extremely tacky.At this point I do not see the Chad
and Abby relationship as rootable.
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