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Sep 27 2013, 01:51 PM
Sep 27 2013, 12:12 PM
Sep 27 2013, 11:34 AM
My respect for CB just went through the roof after reading that interview. Not only does she honestly state that Chandler was treated horribly, so also admits that her storyline currently sucks!

Maybe if cast members could more freely speak about their characters and storylines without fear of being let go, the show overall would improve.

It is currently so boring it's ridiculous!
I actually think Camila was slightly unprofessional. Imagine that she's not an actress, but a waitress working at a restaurant. Reporters ask her about the food at her workplace and she says it's horrible. She'd get fired ASAP, people wouldn't go into the restaurant if a person working there claimed it was bad, meaning she wouldn't get a paycheck even if she weren't let go, and other employers would be hesitant to hire her because she has a history of shitting where she eats. It's the same with actors. Even if they absolutely hate a storyline, they must promote it. I know a lot of us get upset when Kristian Alfonso, Lauren Koslow or someone else praise a bad storyline, but what other option do they have? Speaking their mind and losing their job? Actors can only afford to make bad statements about the show in private. Publicly, they can only do so when they're no longer with the show, providing they're sure they'll never work there again. If they say, "The show I'm on sucks!", people will tune out, the show will get canceled and they'll find themselves out on the job market. And even if Camila is leaving, here's another problem: casting agents and producers look up people before hiring them. If they look up Camila and find that she flipped out over a recast at her previous job and made other negative statements, I doubt they'll hurry to give her the job.

The show wouldn't improve if actors complained. They don't have that much power. They aren't allowed to have that much power. That's up to critics and viewers only, unfortunately.
On the contrary, many shows not only allow, but encourage the input of actors regarding their characters and future storylines. People who understand the creative process encourage an atmosphere of collaboration, regardless of a team member's individual title or role. When TPTB put forth a "know it all" attitude and proclaim "my way or the highway," creativity and originality is stunted, team members feel gagged, and things collapse.

I never said that CB acted professionally or unprofessionally. I said that I respect her now because she spoke out on behalf of a cast member who was wronged, regardless of the consequences to her professionally.
Actors are welcome to say what they'd like to see happen, but they're not welcome to criticize the storylines given to them. There's a difference. Writers like to hear ideas, but they're too vain to hear that their storylines suck.
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