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Maybe I'm reading between the lines a bit too much, but a few things jump out at me. First, CB makes it sound like CM knew it was his last day while he was shooting that Friday. She said she could tell something was up but CM could not tell her what it was. That doesn't sound like the rumor that CM was called in at the end of the day and sandbagged by being told "you're done, don't come back."

Also, as soon as the day was over, CM went public. So if CM knew at noon he was done, why couldn't he secretly tell the cast then, but he tweet it at 5?

Something isn't making sense to me, and I suspect there is more to the story, most likely involving the 13-week cycle and Guy Wilson signing. Specifically, CM's contract was sent to end in December. Letting him go when the show did would have dovetailed with 13 weeks before his contract end date. So the day he was let go may have been a deadline for the show to decide if it was going to release CM or not. And that decision may have been contingent on signing GW. Who knows the timing of all of this? CM could have known it was a possibility that he would be released, hence the behavior that CB sensed, but nothing was certain, which is why he couldn't say anything. And if GW's signing wasn't until Friday, Days could not let CM know for certain that he was being released before then. I guess I don't see how CM was wronged if that is how things played out, especially when he wanted to be released early from his contract.
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