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Sep 27 2013, 03:38 PM
Sep 27 2013, 03:27 PM
I really enjoyed today's episode. Chandler must have been hoarse after his scenes with Blake and Camila. There can be no doubt that with that set of lungs, Will is Lucas and Sami's son lol. I'm still siding on Will with this one, even though some of his comments could definitely be taken as being controlling of Gabi. At the end of the day, nobody is forcing her to live in the apartment that Sonny paid for, if she doesn't like getting the 3rd degree from Will she can just move on in to....well wherever I honestly don't care, just so long as she leaves A.G. with WilSon.

Eric totally had a look that he put 2 and 2 together during Brady's declaration to Kristen (I really thought her declaration to him was really sweet, and would appreciate it if Days would actually show us Brady making funny faces while he shaves....in a towel). I haven't been keeping up with spoilers so I'm sure it's just a typical Friday cliffhanger fakeout, but Greg V really excels at the angsty, torment facial expressions so I don't mind.

EJ was so fun today continuing on with his theme from yesterday of getting in people's heads and messing with them lol. It started with Chad and strong-arming him into moving back into the DiMansion. Poor Chad didn't stand a chance against his brother's machinations. Today he chose to mess with Nicole and again rub the fact that she can't have Father Eric in her face. I love the smiles he's been sporting lately while doing this kind of stuff. It's what he used to do with Sami way back in the day, but since he no longer has an interest in tormenting her (well at least not in the playing mind games kind of way) he has to find new people to play that particular game with. He's been so focused on getting Sami out of the slammer that he'd sort of put his naughty boy inclinations on the back burner, but those inclinations have definitely come out to play the past 2 days. He was even getting in on messing with Kristen and the fact that she was hiding something, but she cut a little too deeply with her awareness of the Stefano situation and EJ lost his appetite to tease her. I liked that shift in balance in him today. The impish grin of delight at the idea of making people squirm, only to have his feet held to the fire by Kristen and losing the will to continue stirring the hornets nest.
I am going to miss EJ and Kristen scenes.
I'm going to miss her scenes with anyone except those damn flashbacks.
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