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Director: Alison Sweeney
Scriptwriter: Richard Culliton

Segment 1: Abby wants Chad to explain why he didn't want to tell her about moving back in with his family. Chad shrugs. Abby feels that something about the decision bothers him. Chad evades again so Abby tells him maybe something about this decision bothers her. She points out that he just moved into his place - why the 180? Chad f/b's to asking EJ if he would have told Abby he was lying to Cameron.

Sonny is explaining a dirndl to Ari when Cam walks up behind the park bench. Cam teases Sonny about being on some German website. Sonny explains that the club is doing an Oktoberfest so he was passing out flyers. I know how much you love German beer so I'd love for you to come. Cam wouldn't miss it. Sonny - You know who else would enjoy it, I ask very casually. Cam - So this is the part where I ask who, I assume? Sonny - Gabi.

Will demands to know what Nick is doing in HIS apt. Gabi tells Nick - Let's go. Will grabs her - You're not going anywhere with him. Have you lost your mind! Nick - Hey! Bro, you're way out of line.

When Nicole sees Brady come into the rectory she asks if he's checking to see if she's been dipping into the communion wine. Brady asks if Eric is here. Nicole doesn't know. She hasn't seen him but she hasn't been here all morning.

Brady is with a doctor who brings him out from under. Eric doesn't remember anything now; just scattered thoughts and images but nothing new. Eric is frustrated that these images don't form a clear picture. The doctor tells him that's understandable considering the time lapse. Eric thought he was closer to remembering after his session with his mom. How was I in a hotel with that woman ... the woman that I dreamt I was making love to. Doctor - But you didn't go there today. Eric asks - Do you think that what I remembered with my mom could be on some level not at all real.

Kristen plays with her flashdrive and recalls raping Eric. She quickly puts it in her purse when EJ comes into the living room. EJ lets it be known that by the way she closed her purse it looks like she's hiding something. This would not have anything to do with getting back with Brady, would it. Kristen - Absolutely!

Gabi - I do not have time to explain to you ... Will screams - No, you absolutely do have to explain. After everything this guy has done, really! The only explanation is that you have lost your mind. Nick - Hey! Do not talk to her like that. Will - Never lay a hand on me again. Secondly do not tell me how to talk to the mother of my child especially when she's about to make the biggest ... REPEAT the biggest mistake of her life by hooking up with a disgusting, DISGUSTING human being like you.

Chad lies and says he's moving in to show EJ and Sami some support because of everything they went through because of him. Abby - Maybe the video was a bad idea but Sami did shoot the guy and lie about knowing him so I'm pretty sure she would have been in trouble no matter what you did. Chad says he also grew up as an only child now he's moving in to a house with brother, sister, father, kids. Abby gets that except the part about his Father. You told me EJ took over the family business and threw him out, now you're one big happy family? Chad - Everyone is trying to move on and be a family. Maybe I can help smooth the process. Chad wants to change the subject. He has something for her. Abby is stunned when she opens the gift. Where did you get this?

Nicole - So there's no reason for you to stick around. Why don't you go devote yourself to your psychopathic fiancée and leave me to ... Brady is not leaving. We're going to talk about us and then we're going to talk about you and Eric.

EJ - So what is it that you're keeping from Brady this time? Kristen - That's a pretty snide way of asking. EJ - Well it shouldn't be too hard to keep Brady in the dark. He's not exactly the quickest of ? Kristen resents that. Brady is not as devious and Machiavellian as we so he's not as suspicious but that doesn't mean he's not intelligent because he is extremely intelligent and what I'm keeping from him has nothing to do with trying to trick him. EJ - Why don't you tell me what it is we are talking about. I will be nice. Kristen - I don't think I can handle you being nice. EJ - What is wrong? Kristen - Nothing. Everything's fine, it's just kind of complicated. I had an appointment this afternoon. I'm not sure I'm going to follow through with it, okay. EJ - Why not? Kristen - Because I want to hear what Brady has to say in our session. EJ - I see. So this session with Fr. Eric is some sort of test. Kristen - Yeah, kind of. A priest will be there, his brother is the priest. It's kind of like putting your hand on the Bible. I just want to hear what he has to say so I know what he's thinking and what he's feeling. So that I know our relationship is real, that it has legs. EJ - What if it's not real? Kristen - Then I guess a lot more is going to be revealed, okay!

Segment 2: Abby cries as she pages through her Dad's book. How did you manage to get this; it hasn't even come out yet. Chad didn't mean to make her cry or make her sad. Abby says she's not sad. It's just making her realise how much she misses him. If my Dad were here right now he would know how to help JJ; he and my mom.

Nick - You are the only one who is blowing this way, way out of proportion. I need you to calm down. Will - You're not going to tell me what to do. I spent 9 months of you doing that. And he did that to you btw, do you not remember! Gabi - Stop. Let me get a word in so I explain. Will - Please do explain why you were about to have sex on OUR couch ... Gabi - What! Will - ... because Sonny and I were gone for a few hours. Nick - The couch! You're worried about the couch! Will manhandles Gabi again and when Nick protests Will snaps - Shut up! Will - Gabi, I'm worried about you. This guy made my life a living hell. He almost ruined yours, okay. Nick - You get her pregnant when you know you're gay and you're lecturing me and her! Will - I tried to do the right thing. You had to blackmail me to get what you wanted. Nick - So we both made mistakes Will. Will - I swear to God if you tell me that you've changed one more time I will beat the living daylights out of you. Nick - I dare you to try. Will - I swear to God that I will. Gabi is between them screaming for them to stop.

Nicole - There is nothing going on between Eric and me. Brady reminds her that he knows her inside and out. He knows she wouldn't be sucking down mimosa's early in the morning if everything was hunky dory with Eric. Nicole - You don't know what you're talking about. Brady - I know that you're unhappy. I know that you want to move on. I know that you want to be happy. But you're never going to move on when you're wrapped up in Eric as tightly as you are. Nicole - He needs me. Brady - That's not true and the sooner you realise that the happier you're going to be.

Eric - I know you're trying to help me but I can't talk to my mother about this. When she hypnotised me, the images I saw were very disturbing. Doctor - You mean the part about you being with this woman at the hotel. Cue yet ANOTHER f/b of the rape. Eric - I don't think there's a guy on the planet who would want to share that dream with his mother. Thrown in that I'm a priest, the embarrassment would be exquisite. If I'm going to figure out what this all means I guess I'm going to do it on my own. The doctor is sorry that they've seemed to reach a dead end. I Know you must be very upset. Eric isn't.

EJ - Well that sounds very cryptive but if the Precana sessions makes you feel more certain about your relationship then it's a good thing. He offers her a drink to loosen up. Kristen is interesting in Brady's feelings not hers. EJ isn't sure that's the spirit of openness the good padre had in mind. Kristen - Isn't it kind of early in the day for that. EJ - Just don't! Kristen - So what's going on with the marriage plans? Now that the fiancée is out of the holding cell, what's next? Posting the banns? EJ - Don't let me keep you. Kristen insists she's not being flip. She's curious. Sami's free, the nightmare's over, why the hell aren't you more cheerful? EJ claims he is. Kristen argues - You're gloomy. EJ insists he's fine. Kristen - You're not fine either. So let's see everything else in your life is fine so we must be talking about one thing, Fatha!

Segment 3: Abby wants to know how he got the book. Chad's been trying for a while. I wanted to get this for you because we were friends and now that we're more than friends I'm glad I could get it. I would have given it to you no matter what because being a friend really matters to me. Abby - We're lucky. It's like being friends makes everything else better. Chad has something else for her. He left it at the apt. What do you say we go get it. They leave.

Will and Nick keep yelling at each other. Gabi finally gets them to stop. I understand that Arianna is our daughter and we have to talk about that but you are not going to control my life. You are not! Will - I'm not trying to ... Gabi snaps - Yes you are. Will screams - No, I'm not. I'm trying to save you from making a huge mistake. I've got to say it ... you WILL NOT get involved with this guy again. Gabi - What! Will - I'm not going to let you. Nick - Again? You don't think this is the first time this has happened. Will - I'm not talking about you being married for 2 seconds, I'm talking about right now. Nick - So am I. Yeah! You don't believe me? Why don't you talk to your boyfriend because he knows all about it. Gabi - Nick!

Cam finishes a call. Sonny is trying to get hold of Will. He was supposed to pick up Ari's bunny and come right back. Cam makes a joke about Will being on the German website. Are you going to be wearing lederhosen? Sonny - If you come with Gabi you can find out. Cam - Why are you looking out for Gabi all of a sudden? Sonny - I've come to realise she's a nice person and it would be cool if she could hang out with a nice guy. Cam - Look at Sonny, playing matchmaker. Sonny - It's the least I can do.

Nicole - Do you know how hard it is to keep a straight face when you're getting unsolicited relationship advice from a guy who's about to marry a ... I've run out of words. I don't have anything ... Eric - Does it mean anything to you that my brother, who happens to be a priest, is personally giving us Precana counselling. Nicole still thinks he's going to change his mind about that. Brady - Is that why he made this appointment? Nicole - There is no appointment! If there was it would be in the calendar ... unless he didn't want me to know about it. She grabs her purse. Brady - Where are you going? Nicole - Anywhere but here because I am so tired of pretending to be chipper and happy about you and the future Mrs. Black. Just for the record, I think Eric is just as nuts for agreeing to this nutty idea! Someday both of you are going to regret it. She leaves.

EJ - I didn't bring up Stefano, you did. Kristen - You didn't have to. You've been in this family long enough, you can see the signs. Sami's free, almost your entire family is under one roof and here you are withdrawn and drinking very early in the day. That tells me that I think Stefano's back in the picture; maybe he's possibly got you back under his thumb. EJ - Not almost. You said almost the entire family is back. Chad is moving back in so it's the entire family without any need for a bloody qualifier. Kristen - Okay, so I guess we're not talking about Stefano. Chad moving back in is great news. I'll have to give him a call. I know what it's like to take a risk and then have to pay the price when you fail. EJ - I'm fine. Kristen - I feel bad for you. It's horrible when you've worked so hard for something only to have it end up ruined. It's almost enough to make you vow to let it never happen again.

Segment 4: Chad hands Abby an envelope. This was supposed to be inside the book. Abby flips through the pages. These are early reviews of my dad's book. Chad - Let me kill the suspense. I wouldn't have given them to you if they weren't all good reviews. I think the New York Times really liked it. Abby - You what's really sweet. They all talk about how my dad was able to find something funny in the middle of all that horror. Chad - He said it was you and your family that got him through. Abby - He did? Chad - I read it. I thought I'd read only a couple of pages but I ended up reading the whole thing. It was amazing. Abby - I don't even know how to say thank you. Chad - You already did. Abby - Let me do it properly. She kisses him.

Gabi tells Will she wants to talk to him calmly. It's not what you think. Will - I honestly don't know what to think. He opens the door. You know what, I do. Because of you I walked in on my worse nightmare crawling his way back into my daughter's life. That's on you. So if you think that I'm pissed off it's because I am. He leaves.

Nicole is at the club where a man says - What a surprise to find you in a bar! Nicole hugs him - Miles, hi! Miles - How are things going? Have a seat. Oh my gosh, I thought since you weren't at Titan anymore that you would have moved on to a bigger market by now. Nicole - Well, I changed my career. I decided from being a TV correspondent to working in a church for next to no money - that's great. But I do get all the Holy cards I want for free. Miles - Sounds like a shrewd career move to me. Nicole - I haven't seen your show in a while 'cause there's this terror of a nun who thinks Moses came down from the mountain to give her the remote control. I've been watching a lot of Mother Angelica reruns. Miles - Wait a second! You live in a convent! Nicole - It's a really long story. But seriously how's your show doing. Miles - Honestly, it's been better. I lost my star reporter to the competition. So now I'm looking for someone with sparkling class to replace her. And look at this, here I am sitting across the table from someone with sparkling class. Nicole - That's really sweet but I haven't sparkled in a really long time. Miles - It's like riding a bike. He hands her his card. Take this. Think about it and ask yourself this question - Is what you're doing right now really, REALLY what you want to be doing?

Eric is back at the rectory. He asks Brady if he's seen Nicole because he really wanted to talk to her before they got started. Brady - She just left a couple of mins. ago. Are you alright? You seem a little preoccupied with something. Eric says it's been a strange day, that's all. Brady - Well you're about to have a Precana session with Kristen and me so you're day is about to get even more strange. Eric - You do know this isn't a test or a pop quiz. It's about making sure you two are right for each other before taking a sacred vow. Kristen walks in. So why don't we get down to work and do just that.

Segment 5: Chad and Abby are in bed basking in the afterglow talking about how good it was. When Abby's phone buzzes he tells her to ignore it. Abby can't. Her mom doesn't have an assistant anymore and she promised to help. She doesn't need me just to file stuff. She needs to know that she has someone there she can count on no matter what. She's spread so thin right now. Chad - You really are something. No wonder your Dad said all those great things about you. Abby - He did! Chad - Yes and he was so right. They kiss.

Gabi - I can not believe that you just did that. Nick - I'm sorry. Gabi - It sounded like you were bragging in a locker room. I was standing here and it felt ... Nick - I'm sorry. He makes me so mad. He's so smug. Gabi - He's angry and he has reason to be angry. Instead of trying to fix things you're making it a turf war. Nick - No! Gabi - Yes you are. Nick - You know the way that I feel about you. Gabi - Why don't you go. I have to go visit Rafe. Nick - Can we talk about this? Gabi - No, Will's right. I need to think about this. Nick - And you're going to listen to him. Gabi - Am I going to listen to you. Nick, it's me, not Will. Maybe this is wrong. Have you thought about it? Not one person in this whole town wants to see us together. Maybe this thing is a big mistake. Nick - I'm really sorry for the way that I behaved and I want you to take time, I do. But please give me a chance to prove you that this is not a mistake. Give me a chance to prove to you that I've changed, please. I'll call you. He leaves. Gabi - You have changed Nick but so have I. I have to move on with my life and deep down I know that doesn't include you.

Sonny asks Will what took him so long. Will - I've been talking to Nick and Gabi. Have you been lying to me?

Nicole looks at his business card. Miles Malloy Titan TV Producer. EJ walks up behind her and asks if she's considering a new career. What would the good Father say if he were to lose his girl Friday.

The Precana session is underway. Eric asks Kristen why she loves Brady. Kristen - There's more than one reason why you love somebody. Eric - Do you not want to answer the question. Kristen - It's not like I can't answer the question. Just wondering what's the most important thing. I want it to be in the right order. Like is the most important thing the way he leans in when he's listening and makes you feel like you're the most important person in the whole world. Or is it the way that he always stands up for Nicole even though your life would be a lot easier if you would just do what I say and ignore her but he won't because she's his friend and that matters. Or is it the way he wants me to go to this cockamamie counselling. I'm sorry. Just because our marriage working is that important to him. Maybe it's the funny faces he makes in the mirror in the morning when he's shaving. I really love that I'm noticing all these things because you taught me how to love again. This will probably come as a big shock to the both of you but I tend to be a little egocentric and self-absorbed. Eric and Brady both say No at the same time. Kristen - Very funny. I just think about you ... not so much about me. When I came back to Salem I was hell bent on revenge and I realised when I was heading over the edge of the cliff with my pedal to the metal that was I Thelma and Louise all rolled into one. Now I just want to be me and in love with you.

Segment 6: Gabi is leaving the apt. when she gets a text. She looks at and smiles.

Abby gets off the elevator and sees Cam. She says hi. When she is going to pass he stops her. You and I both know we're going to run into each other so we might as well talk about what happened. Abby assumes he knows that she and Chad are together. He knows and it's cool. Abby agrees. We are very together and he's really sweet to me. Cam - That's great. Chad's a good guy. Abby agrees. I'm really lucky. Cam - Not as lucky as he is. He talks about them all remaining friends. I genuinely hope that's still the case. Abby doesn't see why not. They part ways.

EJ - That chap that just walked out, Miles, right, he's a television producer. Is he trying to get you back in front of the camera. Nicole - He is, me and my IT factor. EJ - I could be wrong but I would imagine it would be rather more difficult for a television commentator to spend half their time in a bar then somebody in your ... I'm sorry, what is it that you do again? Nicole - I'm an intern in the fallen woman program. EJ - The standard bearer for fallen women all over the world. I imagine this television job would be infinitely more glamorous and the pay would be better. I can't think of any reason why you would turn it down unless of course they wouldn't let Fr. Eric be your co-host. The waiter sets a cup in front of Nicole. EJ - Irish? Nicole - Just coffee. EJ - Nicky, this working in a convent seems to have a rather profound and deleterious affect on your character. Watch out, celibacy is loonie. Nicole - Celibacy never says we're out of milk. EJ - Look at what you've done to yourself so you can have this silly job with Fr. what's his name. You've stopped being yourself. Nicole - What is with all these observations about me being me, me not being me. I would think for a guy who's fiancée beat a murder rap you'd have better things to do then bar hop and get all up in my grill. But you know what, I'm glad you did.

Brady says that when he met Kristen he was an absolute mess. Losing Madison for him was too much pain, too much loss. He couldn't deal with it so he decided to become a zombie - just shut the world out. This lady here woke me up. You don't know that you're not living until you start to live again. The reason I know it's love is because it's love that got us past everything that happened with us. Eric - How do you feel about those things that happened? Is that something that's been forgotten, forgiven?

Segment 7: Chad looks at the information on types of treatment. Just how long do I have to keep this up.

Will lets Sonny know that Nick told him what's been going on and that Sonny knew about it. Sonny admits he did. I was trying to protect you ... Will - I don't want any excuses from you. The bottom line is you should have told me about it and you didn't. Sonny is angry - You know everything that I've put up with from you.

Nick is sitting on the bench in front of the pub thumbing through pictures of Gabi on his Tablet. Gabi's right. The problem is this judgemental town. We need to go somewhere else to be together and I'm going to make that happen.

Gabi gets off the elevator and sees Cam. Hi Cameron. I got your text for the Oktoberfest at the club. I would love to go. Abby hears this. Cam - Great, it's a date.

EJ - Thank you darling. It sounds like you're having some sort of epiphany at my expense. Nicole - Well, you remind me of all the mistakes I've made and how colossal they were and how they always had something to do with a man. So maybe it's time I learned from my mistakes and I learn to never, ever again make myself miserable with someone of the male persuasion the way I did with you. EJ gets a call he has to take. Nicole looks at the business card and smiles.

Brady - I don't know how to answer that. Kristen - Then don't. Brady - No, I need to. Eric needs to know the truth so total honesty. It still hurts me to know how you preyed upon me ... Eric recalls asking the woman with the short dark hair in the hotel lobby - Do I know you? Cue f/b of rape. Brady is still talking. Even with all the love in the world how do you trust someone after that? How do you move on with someone knowing that they wanted to harm you. Eric stares at Kristen and stands up. Brady - Are you alright? Eric continues to stare at Kristen.
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