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Miss Rhi
Sep 28 2013, 11:31 AM
I'm tired of Y&R using death as a crutch. I can see why they HAD to a death storyline when it comes to Katherine but there are so many other more recent deaths like Colleen, Brad, Diane, Hope and others I'm probably omitting that were just done because it was the easiest or most idiotic thing to do at the time.
I agree about all of this. Katherine had to be done and I totally see it as respect that they didn't recast her role. Also, they had the part where she went up the stairs and she and Jill had their last conversation. It all worked for me up until they gave CI to Victor and that fell apart for me. It just showed how little these morons know about the history of the show and how little they care.

Killing off Delia has no entertainment value to me. And some say they are going for Emmy performances from these folks. One of them already has two Emmy's so it is evident they can get them without killing a child. Then some say this is to bring Chloe and Billy back together. How does it do that? Sure they will be united in their grief at some point but after that is said and done....... I think if they wanted that as endgame then it would have been better to leave the child alive.

All and all this is just a bad move on their parts and I think time will tell but they will pay a price for doing this.
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