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Man. So tough, those clips.

Kayla was so unhappy married to Jack. Kept in the dark about the truth...that Jack was Steve's much loved and long ago lost baby brother, Billy. Steve didn't tell her when he discovered the truth. He dumped her with a shore "leave speech." He was hoping that if Kayla married Jack, Jack would fight for his life.

Well, Kayla married him, and she was miserable the whole time...trying to make Jack happy...but never happy herself. At first he was sick...couldn't have a physical relationship with her. Then she was sick. Harper thought she'd discovered Jack's adoption papers and would tell Jack he wasn't a Deveraux. He didn't want that to happen, so he poisoned her.

Steve figured out she was being poisoned, but not who was doing it. He snuck in and rescued her. Took her somewhere to hide out, and nursed her back to health. It was there he finally told her the truth. That he loved her...that Jack was Billy. They made love once.

Steve convinced Kayla to stick with the marriage til after the election. At least then jack would be left with something, because he really wanted to follow in his father's footsteps and being an assemblyman was the first step. But if news of an affair leaked out, Jack might lose everything.

But a reporter saw Steve and Kayla together and sent Jack pictures the very night of the election.

He went crazy and raped her.
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