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Brady says that when he met Kristen he was an absolute mess. Losing Madison for him was too much pain, too much loss. He couldn't deal with it so he decided to become a zombie - just shut the world out. This lady here woke me up. You don't know that you're not living until you start to live again. The reason I know it's love is because it's love that got us past everything that happened with us. Eric - How do you feel about those things that happened? Is that something that's been forgotten, forgiven?

I just have to laugh at this. On so many levels. Kristen brought him back to life? Doesn't he mean sex brought him back to life? And this is so pathetic when you compare this to his father's same situation. It happened twice to John. First when he lost his soulmate Marlena and after a time he created a relationship with Diana, then with Isabella. Both times the relationships weren't rushed like Brady & Kristen. Then Marlena comes back and he is forced to let her go back to Roman and he found happiness with Isabella. Isabella dies and he actually mourns for a bit and focuses on raising Brady. Then slowly he and Marlena gravitate back to each other because it was a love that never died. He told her that she gave him life again. They made love on the plane and conceived Belle. A complicated story of passion, betrayal, longing, pain and loss ensued. Nobody came out unscathed. When Marlena chose to stay with Roman and her family, John moved on way too fast with Rebecca, and it was a disaster. Nothing about Brady and Kristen is anywhere near such an epic story that played out for years.

The writers now have no concept of how to write epic love stories. It's so pathetic the way they want to take short cuts, or change characters personalities at the drop of a hat and force pairings that make no sense and happen over night, which defines perfectly what Brady and Kristen are.
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