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Sep 29 2013, 01:07 AM
Sep 28 2013, 02:32 PM
He went crazy and raped her.
Jack became enraged, yes, but I think the rape was a natural outcome of Jack's own character as it was established on the show. Jack was coddled by Anjelica and had a clear entitlement complex. Moreover, he was deep in denial about his relationship with Kayla, who had been sending him clear signals for months that she had no physical interest in him and was unlikely to develop any. Jack willfully ignored signs like finding Steve and Kayla in bed together. Jack made a choice to marry a woman who he knew was in love with someone else, too. Sometimes it sounds like he made a singular error with the rape, but he was always self-centered and entitled in the relationship.
Yeah. He was spoiled. The son of the wealthy and respected Harper Deveraux. The apple of his indulgent daddy's eye.

He was SUPPOSED to get everything he wanted. He was nice when he came to town, but he'd never been tested, either. Save for his illness, everything pretty much went his way. When he fell for Kayla, he KNEW she loved Steve. He dismissed it as kind of unimportant. It was just an obstacle he needed to deal with...Every comment he made, every action...it was all about HIM. It certainly wasn't about Kayla. It was about HIS dreams. What HE wanted. What he expected to happen eventually. It was about the life HE wanted, not the life she actually wanted.

She told him she loved Steve. Repeatedly. He couldn't accept it. Didn't want to see that she'd never really be his.

He turned a blind eye to the truth. Waited til he was sick in the hospital to propose. What a position to put someone in! How do you say no to a guy who everyone thinks is probably gonna die? She was damned if she did, and damned if she didn't. A lot of people were pressuring her to marry him, too.

Kayla made her share of mistakes there. She could have told him the truth after the safe house. She could have done that, and should have done that. She did lie to Jack. She did put him off when he wanted to make love with her.. She did have the affair with Steve.

It wasn't pretty. Well-intentioned, but not pretty.

Jack did eventually grow up. He did eventually see the things he'd done and work hard to make amends. He eventually turned his life around, with Jennifer's help and support.
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