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I don't think it's gonna be about Kayla or Jack, no matter how much I'd like it to be.

I can talk all day about what I want, but what I want isn't what I expect.

I do hope Kayla has a bigger part than the revealer. I hope her distress is evident and that after it's all out there she and JJ discuss her thoughts about it now, and her eventual achievement of that wary peace with Jack, and why she could forgive him.

I want to see if it still affects her now. It's been years, but it's such a hard thing.

I would love it is she and Jen discussed it now, or she and Adrienne. They've all experienced rape. They all know what it's about on a personal level.

Thing about it is that it can still be good. It's about JJ, and it could be solid stuff. I don't think he's the strongest actor out there, but maybe he can make it work.

As long as its not a vehicle to force Daniel to be accepted, because on that front? Not gonna happen. If Daniel is to be accepted, let HIM earn it, not get it by default because Jack wasn't a saint.

I know Kayla likes Daniel. I'm not surprised she'll defend him. Makes sense. But she sees the easy-going Daniel who does good work as a surgeon, and cares about Jen.
She's never seen the turmoil, the arguments, the manhandling, the short fuse, the "it's all about how we should be together no matter how JJ feels" stance he took even when Jen asked him for space. Took him awhile to respect her wishes.

Kayla doesn't see that part of him. I wish she would. That would be great! I wish she'd see something from Daniel that would make her listen more closely to JJ, and start watching...wondering...re-evaluating the idea that he's great with Jennifer...guy's a womanizer.

If he got seriously tempted by Theresa and Kayla walked in..those wheels would start turning. I know Theresa's just scheming, but maybe he'd succumb.
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