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Sammie Jo
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Sep 29 2013, 07:09 AM
I can't even imagine why Katherine would have given CI to Victor.... I am still holding hope that IF and WHEN solves the mystery that the company will revert to her. I am soooo over TGVN and his attitude. He thinks that everything he does is so righteous, I still remember him holding a man hostage in a cage in his basement...ugh! Do the writers really think we always need to see him win? I don't! Poor Jack will be destroyed once again when the truth comes out about Summer and we will have to watch more scenes of Victor gloating...Thank heavens for the FF button!
If Katherine gave Victor the company in his will, the only way it can go to Jill would be if Katherine put a stipulation in that if Victor died, Jill gets the company, and since it wasn't in the letter, I highly doubt it..
I never thought the music box had anything to do with Chancellor, especially since she's gone to Switzerland, home of swiss bank accts and watchmakers. I really do believe there's a pile of money waiting for Jill, there's just no way Katherine would leave her without the finances to maintain the estate, especially after giving Devon $2 billion! :frustration: :frustration:
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