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Sammie Jo
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Sep 28 2013, 07:27 PM
Sep 28 2013, 04:06 PM
WTH?? I didn't hear about the Delia rumors. That's just awful. I left Days when they killed off a 9 month pregnant Nicole's baby and made her walk around with it inside of her for a day. I don't want to see another child death. Depressing soaps are not my idea of a good time. And what does it have to do with her dog? Are y'all saying she runs out into the road and gets hit by a car or something??? ~shudder~

Apparently she is chasing the dog and runs into traffic. The more I have been reading, here is what I think. She is at Billy and Victoria's house and Victoria is watching her. Delia runs out to chase the dog and Victoria cannot catch her before she gets hit. Billy got her the dog so he will get blamed for having done so and Victoria will get blamed because she didn't catch her before she got hit. Just like the Jake storyline, I think Billy will be drunk and driving, Jack will be drunk and driving, Neil will be drunk and driving and so will Adam. If it goes how I think it will, Jason--oops, my bad--Dylan will have something to do with getting her medical help but it will be too late and like Jake they will have to keep DD on life support in order to prepare Josylynn--oops, my bad--Conner for the transplant. Since this group came on they have always acted like Kevin was Delia's father so I imagine they will have a great deal of focus with him letting her go and the other folks will be playing the blame game until you just want to scream at the screen.

The psychologist apparently is there for Chloe, Billy and Victoria so I do think Victoria has something to do with this other than being married to Billy.

I think Billy will be drunk and driving, Jack will be drunk and driving, Neil will be drunk and driving and so will Adam.

So ALL three of them just happen to be on the same street in front of Billy's house, at the same time, and so drunk they don't know who hit her? :facepalm:
In the end, it will probably be Adam who actually hit her, karma for him not forgiving Summer for the accident that caused Chelsea's miscarriage.
I don't want to see Billy go off the deep end and be a train wreck if it's him, I actually don't want to see this SL at all. I can't even imagine how they will do this so that everyone doesn't just absolutely hate it.
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