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Sammie Jo
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Sep 29 2013, 10:48 AM
Sep 28 2013, 06:26 PM
Sep 20 2013, 02:21 AM
IAnd im interested in Jill/musicbox.
I was, but now that I know it's not leading to Chancellor Industries I could care less. Whatever it is we know Jill is done :rip: . No job, love life, and no on-screen relationship w/her family there's no reason for her to exist.

Giving CI to Victor ends the Chancellors :rip: once and for all, but it made no story sense. Kay Chancellor would have never given her company, even to Victor. Regardless of her differences with Jill, she knew Jill shared the same loved ones. Besides How long did Kay think 75 year old Victor can keep it going? He's not a vampire, it'll just be handed down to his family instead of hers. Just garbage writing!

Jill would've always keep the company in the family. She would've employ , Victoria, Billy, Chance, Mac and whoever in that big extended family came to town. With Victor it's all about him, he's the boss and there will be nothing different about him running CI than what we've seen of his running of NE,.....which we've seen for decades. Not to mention he's still fixated on getting NE back even with CI, so it's the same old thing. it wouldn't matter if Victor was in charge of ACME inc. it didn't have to be CI. Whereas Jill never had free reign with any company before so that would have been new and interesting. :popcorn:

Well I'm done, I don't care what happens to CI if it's no longer part of the Chancellor family. Now it's just another one of Victor's companies. Without it being attached to a family it's just like $$$. It doesn't matter if a person has 3, 4 or 5 billion, or 2, 3 or 4 companies, it's just meaningless story wise. :bedtime:
I am ducking because I know this will upset some posters. I think JFP should get rid of Jill. With Kay gone, she is pointless. I thought she was rather pointless when Kay was alive. I am not bashing the actress because Jess Walton is great. BUT she is over 60. It's not fair but once actors get to a certain age, the walls start closing in. I have no desire to ever see Jill, Nikki, Paul, Jack or Victor do a love scene EVER. I apologize if that offends anyone, but that's how I feel and I am pretty sure the audience JFP is trying to attract to Y&R feels exactly the same way.
The part about the love scenes is right on the mark, Jack looks ridiculous, Nikki when she's kissing Victor and they're standing up, she has her ass pooched out like she's afraid to make contact, Victor is too stiff, (no pun intended lol) Jill, she always looked ridiculous to me in love scenes when she'd lick her lips in anticipation. lol
That time they showed Murphy and Katherine in bed together, I almost gagged.
Lauren playing the aging sex kitten had been gross for a long time now, even though she still has the best body on the show. We know she has an at least 40 year old son in Canada, so she'd be at least 60, if they did ages in real years.
I'm sure they want to attract a younger audience, but I'm not sure the younger set are into watching soap operas, and if they were, they sure don't want to see 60,70, & 80 year olds making out.
I'm pretty sure no one would want to see me or anyone else here who is in that age bracket acting like we're 20 again with raging hormones and I'm not too crazy to see it either.. :laugh:
I'd like to see them give Jill a prominent role on the show, and have her stop with her histrionics about Katherine hating her.
There, you aren't alone now, between the two of us, we probably offended everyone on the planet. :lol:
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