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Hello! I'm Hilary; frequent reader, first time poster. I'm a little late to this, but I attended the Friday niTght Skokie stop of the Chicago tour and wanted to share my experience. I had a very early number. Here's a brief review from my perspective. I've done alot of these kinds of things, been in Star Trek fandom for years, been a Days fan since I was a wee thing. While I'm an overall Days fan, I'm a Steve & Kayla and Stephen & Mary Beth fan first. MBE wasn't on my tour, but the people that were there were pretty great.

I thought they were pretty strict at this location (Old Orchard Barnes & Noble). No "lean over the table" (or otherwise) photos, no extra-curricular photos or merchandise signing allowed. Don't ask, don't try, the answer is no. Ooookie. So, we all had our cameras out anyway, but by the time I got to the line I just complied and said whatever. I have seen most of them before, I am likely to see them again. So for me it was like, whatever, man. But I felt bad for the other folks for whom, clearly, this was their first shot at seeing these actors they love. This might be their only chance to get a photo op with them. What's the harm with 150 people or so to just let people do the lean-over photos? Dee & Shawn were at the Flower & Garden show the year before and did this ad nauseum and didn't appear to have a single problem with it, and there were at least three times the amount of people at that while I was there, so I dunno. Seemed unnecessary to me.

Still, the line did go very quick. TOO quick. My book flew down the table so fast that I lost track of it real quick. It was an assembly line as far as the book was concerned.

That said, I did get a really nice moment of each of their undivided attention. They all looked me in the eye, shook my hand, and most of them asked me what I do or something personal, which was nice. They were all very kind and most of them were completely warm. Before we were led down to the line (they had us all line up in numerical order upstairs first -- it's a huge BN), management told us how this was gonna work. She explained why there were no photos. She said, "would you rather use your precious few seconds seeing these people through a lens, or would you rather look them in the eye? Sorry, but for most people, they want the photo forever. It's not that they DON'T want to look them in the eye, just that given the choice, they want the photo that they can look back at later, rather than the memory of talkign to them. And I think that's fair. So, I found this whole directive and its reasoning very patronizing. That said, I DID appreciate the time with a few of them that I hadn't had in the past.

Freddie was my favorite. He was so warm and genuine. I can't say enough how just normal guy he is. totally adorable, totally sweet. Just loved talking to him. I also loved Shawn Christian. I don't love Daniel, I don't hate Daniel. Daniel is fine for me. I wasn't there for daniel, my favorites weren't there (MBE, Judi, John Aniston) other than Dee, but will get to her in a minute. But he was really great. I loved seeing him again, I saw him last year, too. He has a great sense of humor, he and Ari were kibitzing and having a good time together, he wrote something on her arm with a sharpie (no clue!), and he was just completely fun. I told him that I had a photo of he and I from the Garden Show but he's not allowed to sign it, and he asked why? I said, well ... rules ... and he said, where is it, do you have it? So, he was more than willing to sign, so this was absolutely a BN rule not the actors saying, we don't wanna.

I told Ari that I hate that they keep having her character lose her babies, and she agreed. I asked, as a mother, I'd not make it thru that. How did you do that? She said she has great castmates.

Dee was very nice, but she looked tired. She's been ALL OVER THE PLACE, so she deserves to be tired. BTW, that WGN cooking clip was really bad. I don't know what they were going for, but they didn't get much cooking done. Either interview them about the show and tour, or let them cook. As it was, they tried to do both, and they did it poorly.

Galen I didn't get to say much to, but I'll tell you, dude is huge. Not just way taller than you think, but his frame is very large. big boy. Very nice. I told him I enjoyed Dirty Soap, and he said that the time his son locked himself in the bathroom was real. I said, that wasn't staged or re-staged? Nope. All completely real, he said.

Chrishell was cute as a button. Tiny. I don't know her character, I'm behind on my tivo, but she said she's enjoying the show. Note: She's not in the book. It is completely stupid to send these people out to SIGN a book that they're NOT IN.

I'm in one of the official photos on the FB site, that was interesting!

Last thing is that post mortem, looking at the photos from Naperville's event the next day, i think we got the better end of the stick at Old Orchard. The tables they were at could not have been comfortable, they were way too small, the space was too small for the thing, and they got shafted on Shawn & Ari. Which is too bad, I think.

That's it. Glad I went.
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