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It's been a year since Bo has been on the screen. Hope's new story won't air until around February so that will be around 18 months since Bo left town. I don't think giving her a new guy then would be rushing anything.

"It"s time. Hope needs someone." Both Meng and Kristian said it.
Plus killing of Bo would leave Hope focused on Bo, what happened to him, who did it. Having Bo actually left Hope for Carly - while it would piss people off - would make more of a clean break for Hope, allowing her to move on without weeks/months of grieving.

Besides, Tomlin's MO is he does like to piss people off.
Hope has NEVER moved on with another man while Bo was with Billie or Carly. Hope finding out Bo was with Carly would not result in her moving on with someone else. Killing off Bo would yes, make her want to find out who did it, but she could fall for someone who is there for her through her grieving.

I'm sure that Tomlin has enjoyed giving Kristian limited amounts of material since Peter's departure. If it were up to him, Kristian wouldn't be getting whatever story it is she is getting. Kristian getting a story is 100% Corday's doing. Tomlin may be very anti-Kristian, but Kristian has quite a few major player friends that will always have her back and fight for her if needed.
yes, but that was while Peter Reckell was still on this show. With him gone and not coming back in the near future....its a whole different ballgame.
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