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Sep 27 2013, 06:27 PM
Ok I'm gonna give my 2 cents here. I'm with Lysie. While I do understand Jack fans being upset about this, Jack did rape Kayla and while his character did turn around and become a fan favorite legacy character who was thrown under the bus more times than pretty much anyone in Days history, this is an interesting nod TO Days history and I think it's an interesting arc for JJ's troubled teen story. Casey looks like he's giving a HELL of a performance from this short clip and I look forward to it. I don't, however, want this to be a catalyst to have JJ fall into the arms of Daniel and call him poppa....but this is something that hasn't been addressed in forever and Kayla surely thinks of it from time to time. I'm on board for this. I wish someone would remind someone that EJ did the same thing to his favorite princess Samanther at one time but I know we just aren't supposed to talk about that.
In this case, I agree, and I'll complain if it turns into another Daniel lovefest. But based on that promo, the emotional beats for JJ are awesome, and they have a fantastic young actor to carry this out. Bringing out long time skeletons in the closet should be a soap staple. We don't bury history in our own lives, so why can't this come out? Of course, to be fair, we should also find out Daniel had drugged and murdered his first wife, but I'll be patient and maybe be rewarded that TanMan's secrets will also come out. I LOVE shades of gray. At least in most characters.
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