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Sep 29 2013, 03:42 PM
She's not necessarily trying to change his opinion about Jack. She gets irritated, makes a slip, then clams up. JJ goes elsewhere for answers first, I think. Maybe he finds the transcripts and then pushes for answers.

But as a rule, Kayla isn't vindictive, and if she'd wanted to, she had plenty of opportunity to tell the kids the truth long ago. She didn't.

I'm curious to see how it plays out. But I will say one thing...she was the victim of Jack at that time. He raped her, then he threatened and intimidated her to boot.

She may have a care for Jj's feelings and his perception of his dad..if she's saying he assaulted her, she's already downplaying it for him...but she has to what? Shield Jack for his son's sake?

Part of me respects that. Part of me feels a little sad for her as well as JJ, because it must hurt her too, and she's had to swallow that down for years...for Steve's sake, and then for the kids.

Jack earned the forgiveness, but is the pain erased entirely because Jack was genuinely sorry?

I don't think it's really about shielding Jack anymore--he's "dead" at the moment, so what he'd feel about all this resurfacing is kind of a moot point. It's more about recognizing that JJ's positive feelings about Jack are as valid as her negative/ambivalent ones about him. And would telling Jack's son about the rape ease Kayla's pain--or would it just spread that pain to someone who had nothing to do with it because he didn't even exist at the time? Kayla isn't vindictive, I agree, and she doesn't strike me as someone who'd visit the sins of the father on the son. She may even feel guilty later on learning that JJ went digging for answers and spiraled out of control when he found them. It's a gray area, and there are no easy solutions. On the other hand, I don't know why Kayla would be surprised or even irritated that a son prefers his father to his mother's new boyfriend. Or that the son thinks the new boyfriend is a jerk. Why should it matter to Kayla that her nephew thinks more highly of his father than of Daniel, who's nothing more than a co-worker to her? Wouldn't any loyal son feel the same way? It just irritates me that Daniel plays any part in this scenario at all, even an indirect one. I think most people can agree that there's plenty of drama in this situation without inserting him into the mix.
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