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yes, but that was while Peter Reckell was still on this show. With him gone and not coming back in the near future....its a whole different ballgame.
Peter's presence or lack there of has no effect on Hope's character and the writers staying true to who she is. Whether Bo is in Salem or not makes no difference - Hope has never been romantically paired with anyone else when Bo has been with another woman. Even when Bo was with Billie, Hope didn't move on with Franco, even though he was trying to seduce her.
I think it would be fun to see Hope with a new guy. Kristian deserves a shot at it. If Bo isn't coming back let her move on

Hope being paired with someone new isn't the point of disagreement. The disagreement is on how to go about that (i.e., how to resolve the Bo situation) and how long after that point should Hope's new romance start.
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