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Come on Ron, We are counting on YOU !!

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Quoting limited to 4 levels deepWSMV: Here's a look at all of the @DaysofourLives stars who stopped by @WSMV today! http://t.co/TGQx8aJ7di
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Yes, she said it just started. But she has been saying for weeks that it's not a romantic relationship with Rafe and the indication in the DR interview was that it had to do with Ciara. Unless she has said something else, she hasnt said anything about her story involving a relationship. I'm not overly trusting of her but it's still worth pointing out that what she said doesn't line up with what's being discussed unless she has said something additional which will then also not line up with what she previously said.
Well, a story where Hope gets a new man in her life doesn't preclude that Ciara would play a big part. In fact, I would expect her to not take it well. And it's quite possible that the Rafe and Hope relationship hasn't been romantic up to now, or there could be another man involved.
but Kristian saying that she was one of those parents leads one to believe that we'll be seeing more of Hope struggling as a single parent. Kristian separated/divorced from Simon when her son Gino was still very young, and I don't recall seeing any event pics of her with another boyfriend until at least a few years later.
i suspect that Hope & Rafe being seen more on screen will be a result of the fact that Rafe is out of the hospital and back on the force and thus investigating things with his partner, Hope.
IDK, ' one if those parents' can easily be attributed to the child having issues with a new guy around her mom too.
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