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I have such mixed feelings about this. I understand everyone's desire to protect JJ and Abby from what Jack did. They're innocent of it, and they love their dad. That's as it should be. But at the same time, I'm not all about Jack. I see things from Kayla's perspective.

She loved Steve very much. He was on the verge of making a commitment to her. He planned to pop the question. That same night, he finds out Jack is Billy, and that he's dying.

Well, what to do? Dump your girl. The one you love, because your brother loves her, and he's so sick. Don't tell her anything. Leave her in the dark as to the truth of Jack's identity. Leave her bewildered. Make sure she's good and hurt and angry with you, too, for good measure. Make what he had with Kayla had seem like nothing more than an ordinary "shore leave" for a sailor. Push and push and push until she turns the way you want her to go, even if it breaks your heart, because baby brother has to come first.

Then baby brother, in love, and telling Melissa that if he can't have Kayla, what's the point in living anyway? proposes, putting Kayla in a very difficult position. She could say no, but if she does, and he dies, then what? She DOESN'T know he's Billy, but he is her friend...and she and Steve aren't together, even though she doesn't understand why. But Jack needs her. Maybe she can do him some good anyway.

Steve decided what should happen. He took steps to MAKE it happen, even loving Kayla as he did, because he wanted his brother to live. Jack wanted Kayla. He should have Kayla.

Steve broke her heart.

After she found out the truth about Jack being Billy when she came around after having been poisoned, still she was supposed to put Jack first...Stay in the marriage, Kayla, just for a little while longer. Just until the election. Let's leave him with something to hold onto.

So once again, she does what Steve wants. She has other choices, but none of them are all that good. She decides to go along with Steve. She's reluctant, but she sees sense in what he says. If Jack has the election, if he wins, he'll have something important to him to keep him from going under.

Things blow up. Jack rapes her. Steve finds out...he gets in a big fight with Jack on the roof of Kayla's loft apartment. Jack falls. Steve feels guilty about it because they were fighting. Jack's kidney's damaged. Steve gives Jack his kidney. When Jack's body shows signs of rejecting the kidney, his mental state is discussed. He's not in a good way. He needs to feel positive about his life. Mental state is the key.

Oh. Well, then Kayla should forgive him. Right? Cuz that'll make a difference for Jack.

Uh uh. No way.

She didn't. Wasn't ready.

But...the thought was there. She was supposed to do whatever needed to be done for Jack. And now, because of a slip of the tongue that creates a problem, she'll try to do whatever she can for JJ, to protect him.

But I always think, what about her?

Make no mistake. I love Steve...and in the storyline, you see how much he loves her...how much he longs to be with her. But you also know he's loved and missed his baby brother since he was five and Billy was a baby. That's when Billy was adopted by the Deveraux family.

So you understand his feelings and the why of what he does, but you see a lot of pain and sadness and bewilderment in Kayla as she struggles to figure out what's going on with Steve, and then deals with an unhappy marriage to Jack.

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