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Quoting limited to 4 levels deepWSMV: Here's a look at all of the @DaysofourLives stars who stopped by @WSMV today! http://t.co/TGQx8aJ7di
https://twitter.com/daysofourlives/status/384015058478432256Posted Image
When was this? Oh and does anyone remember when GG was complaining about his lack of a story? Wasn't it well after the woman playing Jordan started filming?
Galen sent up that "Gig" tweet back in June, which, given that they film about 4 months out would put his "lack of storyline" gripe about into October - which would indicate to me that he doesn't end up with Jordan. I believe that Chrishell signed with Days in April, so his tweet was after she joined the cast.
I think it is more than likely that Rafe does end up with Jordan. That tweet about finding a new gig, or something close to that, was posted in June and it indicated to me that his character wasn't getting much of a storyline at that point ( which has been evident onscreen), not necessarily that he wasn't going to be with Jordan. Chrishell has tweeted several times that things go very slowly with Rafe, but that they do get way better. I am guessing that their storyline was put on the backburner in order to tie up the lose ends of the stories with the characters who are leaving.. primarily Chad, Kristen and Cameron.
That's possible. I haven't formed an opinion on Rafe/Jordan yet. I do think he does get more involved with Hope but if he goes back to work it does make sense. It's possible that Ciara thinks something is going on between them. That would be fun.
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