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Sep 29 2013, 07:49 PM
Unfortunately wishing Jack was here for this isn't going to change the fact that he isn't, so I just have to somehow make my peace and enjoy that he's still part of the story in some way. I just hope it's not completely skewed, because while Kayla has every right and should hate him for what happened, I also don't believe she does based on what was already told. Of course, emotions are complex and just because she forgave him doesn't also mean it doesn't still affect her, and she doesn't still resent him when she thinks of it. I'm all for exploring that, as long as it isn't cut and dry . . . which may be fine for some, not for me. I do get nervous about the details; read a spoiler:
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Jack's reputation being shattered over this doesn't really bother me (he was the villain and we loved that), but I also agree with those who really do not want to see this used against Jack to paint Daniel in a better light. I don't care whether Daniel is good, bad or whatever in between--I still don't like him.
It was a pretrial hearing, wasn't it?

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