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Sep 29 2013, 07:58 PM
Sep 29 2013, 07:49 PM
Unfortunately wishing Jack was here for this isn't going to change the fact that he isn't, so I just have to somehow make my peace and enjoy that he's still part of the story in some way. I just hope it's not completely skewed, because while Kayla has every right and should hate him for what happened, I also don't believe she does based on what was already told. Of course, emotions are complex and just because she forgave him doesn't also mean it doesn't still affect her, and she doesn't still resent him when she thinks of it. I'm all for exploring that, as long as it isn't cut and dry . . . which may be fine for some, not for me. I do get nervous about the details; read a spoiler:
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Jack's reputation being shattered over this doesn't really bother me (he was the villain and we loved that), but I also agree with those who really do not want to see this used against Jack to paint Daniel in a better light. I don't care whether Daniel is good, bad or whatever in between--I still don't like him.
It was a pretrial hearing, wasn't it?

It was. I just finished rewatching the whole thing last weekend.

There was a pretrial hearing and Kayla went on the stand and told what happened. Jack was affected by it and indicated to his attorney that he just wanted it all to go away so his lawyer offered assault as a plea bargain and Kayla's lawyer (Mickey Horton) recommended she accept it. She did.

And then Jack was a total jackass after the fact. He had been owning and apologizing what he did at first, but when Kayla made no qualms about telling him that she wasn't going to hide what he had done and that he had no right to rape her, he spiraled down into total sleazedom. The absolute moment of rock bottom, I think, was finding out he was Billy Johnson and then, practically at the same time, finding out Harper, whom he had idolized his entire life, had tried to murder his wife and was a serial killer. It shattered every illusion of who Jack thought he was, and then the crowning moment was Melissa dumping him at the altar.

I think the turning point for Jack was during the Baby Hannah storyline with Jen when he got rejected from being a potential foster parent because of the assault on his record. Between Jen's non-coddling of him about the reality of his life and that moment when he saw an outsider's perspective on just what he had done, I think that's the moment he started turning things around.

The thing I am absolutely amazed about during the storyline, though, is how strong Kayla is during it. She refuses to be taken hostage by what happened, even to the point where she calls Steve on his crap when he tries to get her to coddle Jack afterwards. Before this storyline, I had viewed Kayla as the typical soap heroine whose basic role is to be there for the dude to rescue. But not after this one. That opinion changed the moment she got up after she was raped, looked in the face of her rapist and called it out for what it was. It was something unheard of for the late 80s, and it's still stands as one of the most defining moments of soaps for me as a woman.

For anyone who HASN'T watched this storyline, please, go watch it. It won't be time wasted, and it'll make you weep for what you see onscreen these days. It's a master class in writing, acting, and seamless storytelling.
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