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**This interview was with Casey Moss at the Burbank book signing on Friday, September 27th. All of the actors were still in place from the book signing, so I've added in some comments from Mary Beth Evans who was sitting right next to him.

DR: We just saw the preview today of you busting the window.
CM: Oh, that was a blast!
MBE: What did you do?
CM: Itís a preview of the stuff we have.
DR: Youíre in it, too
MBE: Am I? What is it?
CM: Where I yell at you like, ďWhat happened?Ē You eventually say that ďYour dad assaulted meĒ, and I flip out.
MBE: Oh, that!

DR: Can you tell us anything about whatís coming up?
CM: So, I figure out, due to a bunch of different things, like people slipping when they really shouldnít be...you know, she says ďI know better than anybody that your dad wasnít a saintĒ or whatever....
MBE: Donít tell all the secrets.
CM: Oh, I know. I feed off of that, and I just look for the answers.

DR: How long is this part of the story supposed to last?
CM: I think this goes for about two weeks. I find out that my dad raped my aunt. Yeah.
MBE: I donít think I ever even took my pantyhose off.
CM: Iím also homeless.

DR: Can you tell us about anything else coming up?
CM: I know the stuff Iím shooting right now is pretty interesting, but I canít tell you about that obviously. I like where theyíre going with my character. Itís really exciting. The stuff about my dad was shot about four and a half months ago, so I canít remember all the details.

DR: We have a lot of people concerned about this story. The concern is that itís being used to make Daniel look better.
CM: It doesnít make Daniel look better at all. Actually the focus is not...it has nothing to do with Daniel. I mean, it doesnít have anything to do with Daniel or really my dad even because it all has to do with me and being pissed off at my entire family.

DR: Whatís your favorite thing youíve done on the show so far?
CM: Wreck the Horton Town Square. Smashing out all the windows was a blast.

DR: Is there anything else youíd like us to know about you or your character?
Iím actually getting a band together. Iíve been recording in the studio with my music and everything and trying to get band members together. Iíve had a couple of bands, but a lot of them have fallen through because of either musical differences or substance abuse. Yeah, I donít mess around with that stuff.
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