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What can you tell us about whatís coming up for Theresa?
Well, sheís going to pair up with Anne. Expect a lot of shenanigans that will make you laugh. Actually, Meredith and I both have comedy backgrounds, so itís very sitcom-y.
(Meredith Scott Lynn turned around and sang...ĒSpinoffĒ.)

Is there anything you can tell us about the upcoming scenes with Kim and Shane?
I can say that the scenes are going to be amazing. I loved working with Patsy and Charlie so much. Iím such a huge fan of Charles Shaughnessy because I love The Nanny. When I was working with him, I didnít know how I was going to tell him I was a Nanny fan because I didnít want it to be weird working together. But finally after like an hour or two of working together, I leaned over and said, ďSo I love The Nanny. Iím just saying. Iím kind of excited that Mr. Sheffield is my dad.Ē He was like, ďOh, good.Ē Itís more than one episode, and itís good.

Is there anything you would like to see Theresa do?
I donít know. Iím really trusting the writers, and Iím having so much fun. I really like the surprises. Iíve never played a bad girl before this. Iím having a lot of fun, and I like her being bad. I think eventually sheíll probably turn a new leaf just like Sami did. I think sheís kind of modeled after Sami a little bit. So I donít know. I really like what their writers. I like her one liners and stuff, and Iím just blessed that I get to be such a sassy character.

Can you think of anything else we should know or that youíd like to tell us?
Iíll be on The Crazy Ones next week. Thursday at 9 on CBS. Iíll be playing Claire.
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