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Viewing Single Post From: Daytime Royalty Interview with Meredith Scott Lynn

Tell us how Days happened for you.
I did a play by Elizabeth Sarnoff, who was the EP of Lost and Deadwood and a bunch of other shows. Daysí casting director saw it and offered me three episodes. I said I would love to, and now Iíve been there for a year and a half or something. It just keeps going and going and going..

And itís still going?
It is!

Whatís coming up for Anne?
I canít tell you that.

What about in the next few weeks?
In the next few weeks, youíre going to see Anne and Theresa start to mix it up a little bit. We join forces to cause some damage.

Whatís been your favorite thing to do on the show so far?
Just the other day I did a full on pratt fall. Our amazing director let me do a big pratt fall. So Iím chasing after a couple of people who pissed me off, and I drop out of frame and everyone enjoys that because they hate Anne. But I love it. Letting me do comedy on the show is a real gift because itís not traditionally what happens on soaps.

Is there anything else youíd like to see Anne do?
Yeah, I want Anne to have sex with Dr. Dan.
(Jen Lilley turned around and said, ďStop it!Ē)
I want that. Or with Theresa. I donít care.

Is there anything else youíd like us to know?
Iím just so glad that everybody hates my character. I want them to love hating Anne, and they do apparently.
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