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Tell us whatís going on with Stefano.
Right now? God almighty, weíre four months ahead, and I havenít been there in a while because I broke my leg.

Well, next week he takes down the picture of EJ and Sami.
And I put mine back up. Of course! At least I look cute in mine. They look like two dorkies. Not really. Theyíre very nice. What Iím up to right now...well, because my son almost dies, and we worked it out so that he did not, and Iím so grateful for that, so I apologize to some of the people of some of the things Iíve done. Weíll see how long that goes. Thatís boring. Iíve got to screw someone up, because itís no fun unless I make your life a little difficult. From the beginning, the woman who created this role was very brilliant, and I said, ďIíd rather be the bad guy, but Iím not going to kill anybody.Ē Itís the easiest thing in the world. I kill you, and what has that done? But if I drive you a little nuts, thatís fun.

Stefano has two kids leaving town in the next couple of months.
One. That I know of. Unless you know something I donít.

Well, thereís Chad and Kristen. Which one are you not counting?
Who? Oh! Kristen hasnít even been around.. Oh! Right. I donít watch. Yes. Thatís right.

We canít seem to keep your kids in Salem.
No. Especially when they start doing well and they want to go out and make more money.

Do you think theyíll be back?
Yeah. I donít know about him. He wants to try out there. We talked about it a lot. And she was on the other show, and I think she may do something with them in the mean time.

Youíve been a part of the show for 30 years.

Do you have a favorite moment?
Oh, Iíve been fortunate enough to have a lot of favorite moments. I canít pick one out because thereís so many. Iíve been fortunate to have wonderful people who work with me.

Will the broken leg be on the show?
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