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Kayla has some stuff coming up this week!
I heard you talking about that, and it was like five or six months ago. I will say that I feel really bad that I spill the beans about his dad because I would never do that in my real life. I would take it to my grave, and I feel bad that it slipped out. I love my nephew, and I wouldnít want to hurt him. I do feel like that. I just feel like itís such a bummer that that happened.

How much are you actually involved?
I think Iím in and out.

Is it going to be where you tell him, and then thatís it for you?
No, no. Iím around, and the family is around. The family is all kind of involved, and we all kind of rally around him and Jennifer. I have a really bad memory, so as far as how many days, I donít know. But I was working a lot during that time. Weíre always scrambling to memorize. Itís always just barely memorized, and then you just let it go as soon as itís over. Thereís so many stresses about getting through it because we only do one take, so you memorize it so fast that itís very stressful. So I think once you walk out the door, you donít really look back. So when people ask you about the stories, it all just kind of blends together.

Does Kayla have anything else coming up?
No. Thereís this little scuffle. And then thereís like getting Rafe out of the hospital. So thatís down the road. I just had the last month off which was good. I went and did an ABC Family show thatís coming up, so thatís exciting. I got recurring on that. Iíve been out there busy. Itís called Chasing Life. So at least Iíve been doing something with my life.

We saw that the boy who played Joey was back on set for Christmas this year.
Do you know who he is? Heís Dexterís son! Isnít that crazy? Itís funny because he told me his hair was dyed blond from his last show, and then my husband and I were watching Dexter, and I was like, ďI think thatís my baby Joey!Ē We looked him up on imdb, and it is him. His mother is so beautiful.

Did you know his father was on Days? He played Sami when she was a man.
Oh, I donít know anything about that. Well, the mother is stunning. All of the mothers of the kids are just beautiful. Theyíll be on the sidelines when weíre filming, and I always think theyíre much better looking than us mothers over here.

Are they going to acknowledge him this year? Last year they never even said who he was.
Yeah. At least they finally cast him. And heís adorable, so I hope they do play him more. Heís definitely standing with me, and I kind of push him along to go listen to the Christmas story. But you know, none of us has a say in anything that our characters say. We just get our scripts. But we all love it there, so we just love having something to do.

Will you be working again any time soon?
I go back in a week, but theyíve had a lot of time off lately, too. Itís been a nice break this time because I had something to do. Sometimes you have nothing to do, and youíre like...ĒIíll plant a garden or something.Ē

Is there anything else youíd like to tell us about?
Everyone should get involved in CASA. Court Appointed Special Advocate. Everyone should do it. Thereís 125,000 foster kids in LA County, and you can go be a special advocate and get some stuff done for them. So thatís my pitch.
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