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Glad to hear Daniel won't get much out of it, yet I doubt that hopeful news somewhat. I wish it would be more about Jack than it seems it will be, but since the morons at DAYS have some kind of allergy to Matt Ashford, I guess it can't be too much about Jack when he's not there. I just hope Jack's character and the journey he went through get proper respect. I hope Daniel is deleted altogether, but DAYS isn't that kind. At any rate, it could be good for JJ's character development at least. If it goes beyond him breaking a window and moving on the next day. Funny how Daniel and Jennifer are nearly incapable of being interesting, yet dead Jack, who was barely granted a few moments on screen when he came back, has always been the source of all their drama and continues to be the main source of any decent drama for the family Deveraux. Imagine the good drama they could get out of him if they'd let him be on the show.
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