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Spencer Hastings
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But I was working a lot during that time. Weíre always scrambling to memorize. Itís always just barely memorized, and then you just let it go as soon as itís over. Thereís so many stresses about getting through it because we only do one take, so you memorize it so fast that itís very stressful. So I think once you walk out the door, you donít really look back. So when people ask you about the stories, it all just kind of blends together.

That's just ridiculous. This insane 4 month lead on the taping schedule and the budget being so tight that they can't reshoot a scene if an actor flubs it is just ridiculous. How can anyone think that this is a good idea? In so many recent interviews that I've read, nearly all of the actors are unable to say what's coming up--not because of spoilers but because they really don't remember. The actors can't even promote these storylines because it's all running together and they're letting it go as soon as they shoot it so that they can start on the next day's junk. I wouldn't even know what I shot that day, let alone 4 months ago.
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