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Panda Panda
Sep 27 2013, 04:32 PM
I don't see how having Jack back would help JJ not hate him for what he did? Jack raped Kayla. There's no justification, no "other side", and no explanation behind his assault. And there shouldn't be.

I'm not too fond of the fact that this storyline is skating on the fringes of Fetch break/makeup #267253625362, but if the writers can somehow keep this story about JJ, Kayla, Jack, and Jennifer (ONLY THEM) then I wouldn't mind seeing how everything plays out
First, hey, that was a great promo. Because it included a clip from a time when this show was really, really good. And Jack in a promo. Awesome. Also, tapping into the show's rich history is something I think DAYS should do. However, this whole thing is annoying to me too. Yeah, the rape was bad and Jack did it and it was bad. Heinous. Yes. But I don't think anything is ever black and white and circumstances do matter. I'm not trying to excuse Jack, but I do think there is a place of understanding his point of view that isn't inappropriate and doesn't mean that I think rape is ever okay under any circumstances and doesn't mean Jack shouldn't have had the book thrown at him. (Though luckily he didn't, because Jack in jail wouldn't have been nearly as good drama). But the circumstances leading to what Jack did and Jack's journey afterward do make me not hate Jack, so his son, yeah, I think it would be very possible for JJ to come around to not hating Jack. I also think Jack being there would eventually help with that, but that's not really what I mean to address, and JJ hating Jack isn't my main issue. I want JJ to be disappointed and enraged, or at least I would want that if I thought this story would play in such a way that anyone who didn't see Jack's story could understand how complicated the history is. But I think it'll play such that a lot of people who don't have a clue will say, "See how bad Jack was! Daniel is way better." Of course, my idea of a character being "better" has nothing to do with the character being good or bad, and more to do with the character being interesting, which Jack is and Daniel ain't. So, yeah, I want JJ to have a strong reaction. And I can even see what some are saying about layers being there for JJ with Jack dead that wouldn't be there with Jack alive. And yet. None of that makes up for the scenes we won't get that I want to see. I want to see Jack and JJ in a room together after JJ learns. I want that kind of juicy. Ir's not about mitigating the hatred. It's about me wanting to see the tension and the awkward and the pain and the angst between Jack and JJ that I will not see with Jack dead. And what can I say? I adore Matt Ashford's Jack. He remains the only reason I have any lingering interest in the show, so of course I'd rather he were here for this story. But I am glad to see his character continuing to impact the show.
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