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I understand your point of view. I understand what you'd hoped to see if this ever came up, compared to what you will see.

I'm glad it's coming up. It's the first time in forever that something involving Kayla's life's been featured. I think Days has been remiss, having Mary Beth around for so long, yet giving her nothing much in her LIFE outside of doctor and pal, so my perspective is different than yours, as I am totally and completely a Kayla fan.

That is not to say that I'm not glad to have her around, even if she IS Dr. Kayla, but it isn't really enough for me, and it's led to some frustration over the past couple of years.

But you are a Jack fan, and you'd want him here. You see the possibilities that you aren't going to have realized and that's hard.

I don't know how it'll all play out. Wish I did. I devoured Casey and Mary Beth's interviews in particular...Well, I would have devoured Mary Beth's anyway, LOL! But given the promo and what's coming up, there was even MORE interest in seeing if she'd say anything about what's coming next week, and she does add some little tidbits.

But I get where you're coming from. I know how you love Jack. I understand it completely, given how I feel about Kayla.

I hope someday Jack comes back. No one can tell me it's not possible. Maybe it's not wise. Too many coming back from the dead stories...that's the knock. But Days hasn't gone to that well for awhile. It must be almost time, LOL! And really, who has more experience at making it work than Matt?

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