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S loves EJ

Sep 29 2013, 11:59 PM
Sep 29 2013, 11:50 PM
Sep 29 2013, 11:42 PM
She works for his fiances twin brother.
She is close friends with his sisters fiancé
She was the step mother of his children.
Her brother is his sisters husbands son.
She is his ex employee.
He knows how she likes her cocoa.

I have lunch with people I have less connections to that that.
Sometimes it is beneficial to associate with people you aren't related to.
His fiance hates her.
He hates his sister's fiance.
His kids are with their real parents now, no need for the interlopers.
He does not even know her brother.
And he seems to care less about the rest.

The limited interactions is par on course IMO with their relationship dynamic; to EJ, Nicole was someone who filled Sami's void, now that he has the real deal, well :D

If all that is true why does it matter if they share a couple of scenes every now and then so the tiny sub section of the audience who prefer that dynamic can be entertained.

If the writers are not planning on go back to Ejole wonīt it give those who like the couple false hope? I loved the last two Ejole scenes that were about a month ago, so I donīt mind them sharing scenes as enemies (not sure about them as a couple) but I thought the scene on friday was boring. Iīm not sure if it was because the chemistry was off or because of the script. I didnīt think they had enough fun snarky remarks (I didnīt get the milk remark either). The scene also seemed random and pointless.
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