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Some gals have all the luck!

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WSMV: Here's a look at all of the @DaysofourLives stars who stopped by @WSMV today! http://t.co/TGQx8aJ7di
Quoting myself to say that damn, Kristian & Greg look great together. There's no way anyone would guess from that pic that Greg is 10 years Kristian's younger. I could be persuaded into being pro a Hope/Eric/Nicole triangle. lol.

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I know you'll disagree with me on this, but it makes me loathe TIIC all the more for not having Hope going cougar on all these hot younger guys.

Instead it's Kate and Kristen who get to do all that. :x
Most of the younger guys currently on screen are either related to Hope in some way or dated/were married to Sami at some point. I would love to see Hope paired with someone new since there are no plans to bring Bo back any time soon. That said, it would be out of character for Hope to romance another man and sleep with him unless Bo is dead (or has hurt her extremely deeply, which is unlikely to happen while he's off undercover).
So, in fact, i didn't disagree with you.
True. It would be OOC for Hope to fall in love and hop into the sack with someone else while Bo is in the picture. Whether he is on-screen or not. But, what if Hope were to somehow develop a naughtier wilder split personality? Who's to say what this "darker Hope" would be capable of? Remember Nighttime pill popping Hope while Bo was shacking up with Carly? I think a more wild bitchy Hope would be so much fun and would give me a reason to tune back in again. Plus, KA would rock the hell out of it.

And, sorry, but Bo has indeed hurt Hope extremely deeply on more than several occasions. Flaunting his affairs and other women in her face, for the sole cruel purpose of getting back at her. Giving his back up lovers (and his eldest daughter, before she supposedly turned over a new leaf) free reign to trash Hope. Verbally and/or otherwise. Bo always came out of those situations under the guise that Hope asked for it, and he never really came off as sorry for any of it. Atleast to me. Or maybe it did humble him and I missed it. Then of course Hope retracting, acting as a pathetic doormat and putting up with his garbage doesn't help matters. It only gives Bo a free pass to do it again and again.

But when Hope is with someone else (as Gina with John on the submarine, which Hope had no control over or with Patrick on an Island) and kicks his deadbeat a** to the curb it becomes, "oh Hope, how could you?" "Oh Hope, stop being so bitter and forgive poor victim Bo" "Oh Hope, stop being so selfish" "Hope is acting like a self-righteous bitch" "Oh Hope, get off your high horse" But where are these same people to go to bat on Hope's behalf and badger Bo on what a smug a**hole he is being? Other than JC's Shawn. Bo is never truly held accountable, not for long anyway. While Hope gets the crap end of the stick, on the show and from the audience.

ETA: Your KA banner is absolutely gorgeous! :wub2:
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