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Drake Hogestyn: Took going all the way to Minneapolis but...finally together! @DeidreHall @daysbetterliving pic.twitter.com/aqPxObKpQW

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So sad that this show has destroyed one of the most enduring couples on Days. For what? Kristen and Brady??? What utter rubbish. :flipoff:
There was no need to destroy Jarlena (or John as the character) for Brady/Kristen or any other couple for that matter. These two things have nothing to do with each other. And it's not the reason TPTB did it.
It was their business and/or writing choice.
I disagree. How could it have had nothing to do with Brady and Kristen? Of course it was a writing choice. They could have written a story with Kristen coming back to get revenge on John and Marlena which could have made John and Marlena stronger in the end, and Brady wouldn't have had to be involved. But they focused on Brady and Kristen and at every turn Brady's conflict was at the center of the story and that was John and Marlena trying to destroy his happiness with Kristen. They had to destroy John in order to create conflict for Brady and Kristen, and for Kristen to come to a new point. john was simply a plot point. Now they are using Marlena for continued conflict for the "lovebirds", only she is really only a bystander, with Eric now the focus of their story. John and Marlena's destruction was integral to propping up this so called forbidden romance.
I agree with you that they did use John as a plot point and destroyed Jarlena as a couple in the process. The question is did they have to do this for Bristen to exist? I don't think so. They still could have written John and Marlena working together against Bristen all along and become stronger in the end as you are saying. The way they've chosen wasn't definitely the only way to go. There are numerous other ways to create conflicts. I think TPTB care more about saving money and show's ratings as about any of the couples. If they see they could save money by letting one of their main actors off contract and know the ratings won't suffer too much they'll just do it. Brady/ Kristen... who?

BTW I don't agree that they are somehow propping Bristen (Propping is what they do with Danifer every single episode they are on). Sorry, but I don't see writing Kristen as constantly scheeming or planning to leave Brady at the altar for six months or this disgusting Eric/Kristen storyline as propping Bristen. On the contrary, most of the writing choices for them were quite destructive and definitely did no favours for the pairing. The main thing what makes me care about Bristen is this great great chemistry ED and EM share. Writing? Not so much.

I have to agree that the storyline(s) we are talking about focuses mainly on Kristen. She is front and center. I think this could have something to do with how they managed to get ED back. They had an idea to bring back the character but I guess they also had to work it out thoroughly in order to present it to TPTB at Sony. I don't think Sony would have terminated her contract for the s/l like they gave NB when she returned.
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