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Sep 30 2013, 08:16 AM

This is the show we all miss. And it's not just the characters of Tom and Alice, either. I think we're all able to accept the fact that MC and FR are no longer with us. But the show is just not the same....
Yes, these were the good old days, and FR and MC were the superstars of their time.

But, I'm going to say, it couldn't have been helped. Times change, and that's just a fact. Every soap has gone through the same difficulties. None of the soaps still on the air are "as good as they used to be" and have been able to hold on to their Golden Years. Y&R, B&B, GH, DAYS, they've all changed, it couldn't have been helped. And I'm still going to say, out of all of these four, DAYS is still the most traditional and actually HAS kept their classic elements in place over the years the best. There are still a boatload of classic, legendary characters on this show's roster, even if some are recurring and on the backburner. Also, the element of the church and religion, which has always been a big part of the DAYS canvas, has been brought back to the show as an undelying theme, which IMO is great. These people, Kristen, Sami, the DiMeras, are still legacy characters and not newbies, even if they aren't Hortons. The only "newbie" who gets far too much exposure is Daniel now.

So all in all, whatever you may want to think about Days, it HAS most definitely kept it's legacy the *best* intact out of all of the four soaps left on air.
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