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Loved the Eric/Kristen/Brady scenes. GV is just good at playing subdued. Can't wait to see Kristen flip off the handle once she realizes what's happened to the flashdrives!

Nicole looked fabulous but her acting like she can't talk about it is just looking epicly silly. Also, please, never ruin her with Daniel again, please. Ever.

I'm actually surprised Sami truly *still* isn't back. This is already the sixth day in a row :o Lol!

EJ seemed out of place in this episode. I did not like him interrupting Will and Sonny and reminding them of the baby, I think they realize her presence on their own.

Also, I'm sorry to say, but this fight between Will and Sonny had seemed yet *again* like two brothers and buddies fighting over something, not a fight between a romantic couple. This Will and Sonny are just somehow too similar, too generic. In this respect I am waiting eagerly to see what the new Will can bring to the table.

Gabi looks like a mexican waitress/call girl.

Couldn't care less about this stupid, stupid, *stupid* Rafe/Jordan/Kate storyline. Please, do not waste ms. Roberts on this crap!
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