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Sep 30 2013, 03:59 PM
Does anyone remember if we heard about Ali directing multiple episodes? I know we heard she was directing the day after we saw the pics of what is probably the engagement party. But did we hear of her directing before then?
We got tweets for the episodes for Friday and today on May 18th

You did a fantastic job directing our scenes today @Ali_Sweeney

@CaseyDeidrick THANK YOU. so fun to work with you. thx for being on your game (as always) and awesome. super fun.

Greg Vaughan:
But after a @nbcdays directed by @Ali_Sweeney working w/ @Ari_Zucker @eileen_davidson @ericmartsolf was worth every bit of sleep deprivation

Alison Sweeney:
@greg_vaughan @nbcdays @Ari_Zucker @eileen_davidson @ericmartsolf OXOX such a fun day. you all ROCK!

Paul McNamara:
@Ali_Sweeney Ali did you direct James Scott today as well?

Alison Sweeney:
@SBlover130 yup. My favorite - Kristen/Eeej scenes

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