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Sep 30 2013, 07:10 PM
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I loved how :flipoff: EJ helped himself to the Grapes and
sat on Rafe bed.I could tell my EJ was hurt.
I hated Rafe in rescuing the damsel in distress role.
Its about time Rafe got a role redirection.
That really grossed me out when he ate off Rafe's tray. In a hospital no less!!!!
:shrug: Why does JS have EJ do that? When EJ takes a glass from someone who's been drinking out of it he'll start drinking it, he's taken food that Nicole was eating out of her hand to eat, and he even ate off Abe's plate in the pub after Abe got up because he was finished eating breakfast. I think it was bacon.

What is he having EJ convey when he takes food that other people have taken bites out of, or have eaten around, and eats it in front of them?

Usually that shows trust between family or close friends(like you're not afraid of catching hepitites or meningitis because you know them so well, you'd know if they had it) Is it some sort of alpha dominance thing he's trying to get across?
I had no idea he did it all the time. BIZARRE. :o
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