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Sep 30 2013, 08:10 PM
Sep 30 2013, 07:47 PM
I could be wrong...but I'd bet $$$ that the scenes with EJ/Nicole on Friday and EJ/Rafe today were inserts. The continuity was all messed up (tie on, tie off), Nicole's hair looked a little different not to mention the fact that she had the exact same pose as when EJ walked up on her Friday.

The scenes were filler at best, but it does make me wonder what was cut that the extra footage was needed. Perhaps something in the Rafe/Jordan story so that aupcoming swing away from Rordan to Rafe/Hope and Dan/Jordan wouldn't be so out of whack.
James' hair should be an easy give away. He did not keep the style it is in for very long and I saw no difference in his hair between the Chad and Kristen scenes and the Nicole/Rafe scenes.
So the tie on/tie off stuff was just lack of continuity??

acutally, James hair in the Rafe scenes looked a scant bit shorter than it did in the Wilson/EJ scenes, at least to me.

Point being the EJ/Nicole and EJ/Rafe scenes served absolutely no purpose but filler...oh and the thrill it gave me to watch EJ squash Rafe like a bug.
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