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Sep 30 2013, 08:35 AM
Anne needs more of a purpose on the show ... this Jen hate stuff got old months ago and it's not getting any fresher. If I had my way I would prefer to see John and Lucas on screen then Anne. But if there's a way to have them all on, I'm okay with that. Anne should fall for Lucas ... now that would be funny. Can you imagine Anne getting her very own Horton ornament! LOL!
Oh yes, its so fun to watch Drake stumble through his lines and peer fart-faced at his sexed up sexagenarian doc. I love Drake and honor/respect/appreciate the two decades of bad acting and heroic charisma, but his return only proved how badly his acting abilities had deteriorated. We can all scream about lousy writing and plotting, but he mumbled his way through what should have been a juicy storyline (his son booty-calling his ex-) and proved the character needed an extended breather. A better actor would have shined in that moment.

Bryan Datillo deserves plenty of accolades for his loyalty and devotion to DOOL, but he can't pull off Leading Man. He has this smarminess/creepiness that seeps into every scene. And it wasn't all that many years ago that his name was "Shouty McYellerson" as he confused decibel level with acting. They have only tried him with a handful of females, but the romantic chemistry has been zilch with Nicole/Carrie/Chloe/Samanther. He makes a great talk-to for GreatGranny Kate or Manipulative Samanther, but even his brotherly moments with Jennifer are awkward. He was outstanding in the initial coming-out for Will, but those later scenes with Will and Jackson were horrendously bad. I lay part of that in that BD probably had a hard time being so bigoted and hateful. More proof of a limited acting range.

MSL is an actress who brings the snark nicely. She reminds me of Mary Alise Recasner who toiled away in the 90s as Nurse Lynn. She parlayed her short-term role into a half-decade of employment.
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