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I would love to have Steve back!

But BEFORE he returns, if he ever does, I'd love for Kayla to have a story about her...and a relationship of her own...I'd like to see her at least trying to get out there and live her life...her personal life...without him.

I think any reconciliation story would work a lot better and be more powerful if Steve wasn't assured of the outcome when and if he comes back. I think he took Kayla for granted, and I want him to see that he can't just walk back into her life and expect her to walk back into his arms.

I want them together, if that's possible. But I want him to earn it.

Of course, if Stephen doesn't want to return, or if the show doesn't bring him back for whatever reason, I want Kayla to have someone in her life.

I love Kayla with Steve. But I love Kayla as an individual character too...so I want her to be happy. I don't want her to close herself off to possibilities. So I'm waiting for the show to give her a "possibility."
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