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"Right now what I like most about Aiden is Hope" ~ DC

DaysHayes: Well, our DAYS booksigning trip to Minneapolis and Birmingham was fabulous! Saw old friends and met lots of new ones! What a family we have!

DaysHayes: We even got to see (and hug) Katie and Carrie Dierkes of Eagan, MN!

DaysHayes: Did you know that Doug and Julie were married to the same words (2 yrs later) that Bill and Susan were? Absolutely true!

DaysHayes: Only difference was that there were 16 guests at Bill and Susan's wedding, 16,000,000 tuned in to see Doug and Julie get hitched. Ooooh!

DaysHayes: Tens of thousands called in sick and stayed home to watch. Many students cut classes to join the fun. Over 4,000 came to NBC in person! Ooh!

DaysHayes: We came out of the studio and had wedding cake with the 4,000. Were you there?

DaysHayes: An unforgettable day!

DaysHayes: Susan just (yesterday) filmed "The Cookie Dance" with Chip Chocolate.

DaysHayes: For the Doug and Julie wedding, many gathered in groups to watch in their homes, eating cake, drinking champagne. They sent us snapshots!

DaysHayes: They set the table with the best china and silverware. Some dressed for the occasion. Heels, hats, jewelry--the works!

DaysHayes: We've loved every minute of it!

DaysHayes: And "The Look of Love" is still on the face of "The Most Beautiful Girl in the World!"
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