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The music was really wacky in quite a few places today. Did they let a newbie loose at the controls?

I actually liked the continuing Pre-Cana session and the declarations from both Kristen and Brady while Eric had his disturbing flashbacks. Yesterday I bought for the first time Kristen has some feeling of depth for Brady and today it's apparent how far off the rails Brady is going to crash when the secret comes out. He is so fully invested in this duplicitous woman.

Sonny shown as the mature one able to look at Gabi's side as well as take in Will's emotional upheaval and move forward responsibly with the conflict was excellently written. I like that I saw the shadow of Justin in his son.

Menacing Ej coming into Rafe's room and gloating over Rafe's helplessness was just good soap. It keeps up the intense hatred between these men.

Gabi looked gorgeous. Loved her hair.

I think the Rafe/Jordan scene where he expresses his need for more feedback from her could have used more emotional punch.
I also didn't like the angle they shot. It looked awkward.

Ej popping out of the bushes to lend his two cents to Will and Sonny's argument was just strange. Didn't work for me.

Save yourself Nicole and take the job. The music was super distracting during her conversation with Daniel, but I am relieved the talk didn't swing around to Jennifer - so there's that.

Some good points and some odd ones today. A mix bag for me.
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