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Director: Alison Sweeney
Scriptwriter: Carolyn Culliton

Segment 1: Will starts poking Sonny in the chest - All I'm saying is you should have told me ... Sonny snaps - How about you coming here and bitching at me after everything I put up with from you. Will is affronted. Excuse me! What have you been putting up with from me! Sonny - I hope you don't have anywhere to be soon because this is going to take some time. Will - It's nice to know you're making a list of everything's that's wrong with me. I'm sure that took years. Sonny - No, Will. You are frickin' perfect and every time you lie ... Will - I'm not saying that I'm perfect. I'm saying that this is about ... EJ walks up. I thought you two were a little more mature than this; clearly I was wrong.

Kate comes into the waiting room. Gabi is there. Kate asks if she's waiting to see Rafe. Gabi - Yeah but he's with his physical therapist. Kate sighs - When isn't he! Gabi - You came to see him too? Kate - No, I have a board meeting. Your brother has made it pretty clear he doesn't want me hovering. Gabi - Have you made it clear how you feel about him?

Jordan wheels Rafe back into his room telling him an orderly will be here soon to put him back into bed. You did good with the leg lifts today. I think we'll try putting 10 lb weights on your ankles tomorrow. I'll go see what's keeping the orderly. She stops in the doorway. Okay, enough with the silent treatment. What's bugging you?

Nicole gets up to leave and sees Dan sitting at the bar at the club. Oh oh. Don't tell me JJ and Jennifer are driving you to drink during the day. Dan - No, just coffee. Nicole - What's going on? Dan - Ask Jennifer. I'm staying out of it. Nicole - Probably a good move. I'm glad I ran into you. There's something else I'd like to talk to you about. Dan - What's up? Nicole - It's Eric. Can you just tell me how he's doing?

Eric tells Brady he's fine. It's just that I remembered something I forgot to do; I won't be long. He leaves. Brady looks at Kristen. Are you buying that? He didn't look fine at all.

Dan wonders why she's asking him ... just ask Eric. Nicole - I can't. Dan - Did he tell you he can't talk about it. Nicole - No. The Nicole Dan knows wouldn't stop until she got him to open up. Nicole - Right. And that same Nicole knows when to cut her losses.

Outside the rectory Eric is leaning against the wall. I was so close ... Brady is going to go and find Eric. Kristen stops him. Eric will be just fine. I need to know what you were getting at before he left because it sounded to me like you were saying all the efforts we made to work things out was just nothing. Is that what you were saying? Eric returns. Brady - Are you okay? Eric - I'm fine. Brady - You're still really pale. Eric - Like I said just needed a moment alone. Brady - Did it get too intense for you or what? Eric - No. I apologise for appropriately leaving like that and walking in without knocking. Brady - Forget about that. It's not a big deal. But seriously, what just happened there? Eric - I'm not sure. It was a ... Kristen - Why are you looking at me like that? Eric - I didn't realise. I was just ... something struck me.

Segment 2: EJ - Now if you two want to fight then go ahead and do it but you don't do it in front of her. Sonny - We were arguing for about 2 mins. I think she's going to be just fine. Will is speaking at the same time. EJ - What's wrong with the 2 of you? You guys usually put on such a united front. Will - Nick is sleeping with Gabi and genius here did not tell me. EJ - You kept that from William. Why would you do something like that after the way Nick behaved? Sonny - Yeah, that's me. I lie about important stuff just for the hell of it. Will - Then why did you do it then? Sonny - Because she said that if I told you about her and Nick she was going to move out and take the baby. Will - No. Sonny - Now since you 2 seem to know everything what would you do in that situation?

Kate - Gabi, you know that I care about you but I am not in the habit of being lectured about my emotions by twenty-some-things. Gabi - You said you and Rafe broke up right before that guy put him in the hospital, right? Kate - Yes, that's true. Why are we having this conversation? Gabi - Because he's been here for weeks and you keep checking up on him and I know it's because you still care. Kate - Of course I care. He was almost beaten to death. He still can't walk. Gabi - I think it's more than that and if you think it's weird to hear about this from someone like me, think how scary it is for someone like me to say it to someone like you. Kate - Okay, then why are you doing it? Gabi - Because my brother is the greatest guy on earth but he's still a guy. Kate - Believe me, I've noticed. Gabi - Look, he can explain an infield fly rule so that a 2 yr. old can understand it but when it comes to talking about his feelings he's pretty clueless. Kate - I've never thought of it as him being clueless. I thought of it as him not wanting to talk things to death and I really like that in a man. Gabi - Okay. Maybe that's why you 2 were so happy when you were together. Kate - If we looked happy it's because we were happy. Gabi - Okay, is Rafe happy with the way things are now? Kate - I don't know. Gabi - That's my point. She leaves.

Rafe - I'm beat. You worked my ass off today. Nothing's bugging me. Jordan - Well you worked hard and made good progress. I guess I thought that you'd be happier. Rafe - Happier? Listen, I used to bench press 250 lbs. You expect me to be happy because I'm lifting my leg 6 ins. off the floor. Jordan - That's a huge achievement. Rafe - You realise that's the first truly encouraging thing you may have said to me. Jordan - I'm a physical therapist not a cheerleader. And this shouldn't be about me. It's supposed to be about you wanting to be the man you used to be. Rafe - Well okay. I guess that's the mistake I've made because I thought you were supposed to be some sort of coach. And all the coaches I had, the good ones anyway, they always let me know what they were thinking. I don't know what you're thinking, not at all. Jordan - I'm thinking that you're doing an amazing job and that I'm really happy about that. Rafe - Really happy; that is what you said. Jordan - Trust me. She leaves. Rafe - Well how about that. First a little joke and then an admission of feelings. Maybe she's not a robot after all.

Dan - Let me get this straight. You want to know how Eric is doing but you refuse to ask him yourself. Nicole - It's not that I refuse. Can we not do this little dance. Can't you tell me what I want to know? Forget it. That's what I get for caring about someone. Dan - Ahh, you care. Just not enough to go talk to the guy which I really don't get. Nicole - Even if I explained it to you, I still don't think you'd get it. Dan - Maybe I do.

Kristen - Could you please be more specific. Exactly what were you struck by. Eric - It was by what you (Brady) were saying. Kristen - Yeah I was struck by that too but I think in an entirely different way. Brady - Why are you upset? Kristen - Shouldn't I be? Obviously we've upset Fr. Eric. He's uncomfortable. I find this whole situation to be very fraught and very difficult. It's overwhelming. I'm overwhelmed. I'm sorry we wasted your time. Brady - Come on, sit down. It's important! Sit down please. She does - What. Brady - I know this is difficult; it's difficult for everybody. But it's also important for us and our future. So yes we are going to waste more of Eric's time because I'm not done.

Segment 3: Brady - I was asking how you get past someone saying I love you to your face and then planning to stab you in the back. I can answer that question. I really thought about it and why would you have cared about me in the beginning? Why wouldn't you use me as a pawn in your little revenge game because I had an agenda too. It was a hateful one. I wanted her gone; out of everyone's life. Then I got to know her. She made me laugh and she made me feel alive again. I forgot about my agenda because I fell in love, just like you did with me. I think it happened to ne sooner then it did for you but the process was the same. I was so screwed up at the time that I didn't think that her falling in love with me could be more important than getting even. She begged me for understanding. She opened her heart to me. She tried to tell me how she felt and I wasn't about to listen. I just shut you out. What I'm trying to say is that you deserve much better.

Will - Alright, I'm a jackass. Sonny - Yes you are. Will - I should have known that you wouldn't keep anything from me without a good reason. Sorry. Can she do that btw. Can she take her and just leave? EJ - There's not a law that says she has to live with the father of her child. Will - This is what I've been saying. Nick is doing it again. He's controlling her. Sonny - I figured out what she was doing and I called her on it. She probably just said the first thing that came to her mind. Will - Did she take it back? No, she didn't so ... Sonny - What did she say when you walked in on her. Will - She didn't say anything because I almost killed him. Sonny - So she didn't say anything ... Will - Not to me but she said it to you. Sonny - She said it to me because she wanted me to stay quiet and not tell you. I'm sure she didn't mean it. EJ - That seems to be a pretty generous interpretation of her motives. Will - I think too generous. Sonny - I'm trying to see it from her point of view. Will - Why? Sonny - Because she is a new mom and she's trying to finish school and the brother she cares about is laid up in the hospital. And the two people who should be there for her, us, are too busy doing other things and we're not pitching in. EJ - She's feeling isolated, Sonny? Sonny - I think she's feeling lonely, is what I think. And I think she was thinking and remembering the last time she cared about someone and boom, Nick's on her doorstep and that's who she turned to. Will - The only thing wrong with that Sonny is that the person she's turning to is a nut job.

Kate tells Rafe she's only stay a few minutes because she has a board meeting. I thought we could talk. Rafe - You don't ever need an excuse to come see me, you know. Kate knows. You are in a good mood. Did the therapy go well? Rafe - Well I guess. I'm not taking things for granted like I used to like being able to lift my legs. Now that I can do that again it's a real high. Kate - Well that's wonderful. Rafe - Jordan says it's the first step to me actually walking again. Kate - So she's encouraging. Rafe - She actually said she was happy for me if you can believe that. Kate - Because she's been so business like. Rafe - Yesh. She's starting to change. I actually think I'm starting to get through to the woman.

Nicole - And just what do you think you get. Dan - You want to know if Eric is alright because you are ready to move on. Nicole - Can't put anything past you. Dan - It seems like it's been a really good healing time for you working with Eric. Nicole - I guess you could say that. Dan - But also a retreat from the real world. Nicole - The real world didn't exactly seem like a friendly place. Dan - This can't be easy for you. Eric's been a really good mentor to you. Nicole - You have no idea. She hands him Miles business card. It's a business card from a TV producer. He said I could have my job back whenever I wanted. I just didn't think anyone in the TV world would give me a second chance and ... what? Dan - I'm happy for you. Nicole - Don't play me. Seriously, do you think I'm deserting Eric in his hour of need? Dan - No but I'm a little worried about you.

Brady - So how do you get over the feeling of being betrayed? You have to ask yourself if the misery of the past is more important than the happiness of the present. In my humble opinion you need to let things go because that's a lot easier than trying to live life without the person you love. I will do anything, whatever it takes, to not lose this woman. I love you that much. You are my love, my soul-mate and I thank God for you everyday. And that's all I got. How did I do? Kristen is in tears. You really meant all of that? Brady - Every word.

Segment 4: EJ - If Nick causes you anymore problems you know where to find me. Will - Thanks. EJ - William do yourself a favour. Listen to Sonny. Talking to Gabi is definitely the right way to go forward. Will thinks so too. EJ - Good because I want nothing but fun and harmony at my wedding. Will - What, you're going through with it? EJ - We were planning it when your mother was arrested. She's been released now so of course we are. Will - Have you set a date? EJ - No, but I'm taking Samantha and the children away with me to Chicago this evening so maybe we'll have a family meeting and come up with something. Sonny - You're going to take the kids? After the long trial I thought you and Sami would like some alone time. EJ - The trip's a surprise; a much needed escape for all of us. Take care, no more fighting. He leaves. Will and Sonny say I'm sorry, hug and both say I love you.

Kristen hugs Brady and apologises for the way she acted before. Brady just wanted to get everything out on the table. Kristen doesn't have anymore doubts. Eric thinks this is a good place to wind up the meeting. Kristen has to run. I've got a really important meeting. I can't miss it. She leaves.

Dan remembers when she first started working for Fr. Eric and thinking - What! Seriously! Nicole - Why? Dan - I don't have to remind you of what kind of shape you were in at that point. I just wasn't sure that being an assistant to a parish priest was going to fill the void. Nicole - I felt safe there. Dan - And look at you now. Television moguls throwing themselves at your feet. Nicole - Not quite. Dan - I think this working for Eric has been kind of a blessing but I would hate to see you stop feeling safe. Nicole - You sound like Eric when you say things like that. Dan - Well you have been a huge help to Fr. Eric but you seem to have gotten something else in return. Nicole chuckles. Right, minimum wage. Dan - That's not what I mean. This experience has made a huge difference in your life. Look at you, you've got the hair and the dress ... come on. Nicole - What? You don't think I'm going to backslide without him, without the job. Dan - No. I'm just asking you to think about what you really want. Dan gets paged. If you ever want to talk some more just call me. He leaves. Nicole looks at the business card. Think about what I really want. Are you kidding! That's the whole problem.

Segment 5: Will and Sonny are on the park bench cuddling and talking about fighting. Will would really like to see that list ... Sonny - Maybe the next time we fight. Will hopes there isn't a next time. Sonny - Every couple fights. Will - Not every couple ... my parents. They both laugh. They see that Ari is sleeping. The Zoo will have to wait. Will - What should I do about Gabi? Sonny - I think you should text her and tell her to meet us at home and we'll figure it out together.

Gabi walks up to Jordan. Hi, I'm Gabi, Rafe's sister. Jordan knows. Gabi - I was just talking to him. He's pretty psyched about working with you. Jordan - I'm sure he's glad to be making progress and moving again. Gabi - You didn't know him before. He never stopped. Jordan - Be supportive. It really helps. Gabi - So do you only work with my brother? Jordan - What do you mean? Gabi - I never see you around. Jordan - I'm new in town. I don't really know anybody. I've got to go. I forgot to book my physical therapy room for my patients tomorrow. She leaves. Gabi - What's with her? She gets a text. Can we meet at the apt. to talk? Oh God, what now.

Kate - So you and Jordan are becoming friends. Rafe - No not friends. Physical Therapy is really a drag unless you feel like you're getting somewhere and the only person who can tell me I'm getting somewhere is Jordan. I think I made her see that. Kate - That's good. Maybe she won't be so cold and impersonal anymore. Rafe - I said she started to loosen up. Kate - I think that's lovely. Rafe - I'm sorry. I'm going on and on about me. What's up? You said you wanted to talk. Kate - No, it wasn't really important anyway. I have to get to the board meeting. Keep up the good work. I really am happy for you.

Eric - I was very moved and impressed by the things you said and the way Kristen reacted. Brady - Does that mean you're going to bless our union. Eric - I think I better ask God for his help and see what's best for the brother I love. Brady - Which means you're not. Eric - I can't, not yet. Brady - Why? Eric - Kristen.

Dan sees Kristen in the waiting room and asks what she's doing here. Kristen - After the last time we saw each other I made that appt. with Dr. Dunstall. I'm going to have my initial evaluation. Dan - So you're going ahead with the fertility treatments. Kristen - Depends if he thinks it might work. Dan - Congratulations, that's great. Kristen - Not yet. I still have a lot of strikes against me but given how Brady and I feel about each other, it's worth a shot.

Gabi returns to the apt. and asks 'Where's Arianna?' Will fed her and put her down for a nap. Gabi - You wanted to talk. I didn't know you were going to bring back-up. Will - I don't want to get into another fight. I just want to talk. Gabi - About Nick. Will - About all of us. I want to go first and say I'm sorry for acting the way I did; for blowing up but I think you understand why I did. Gabi - Yeah, I get that. Maybe that's why I was so anxious about you finding out. I didn't want you to go crazy and I probably didn't want to hear anything that you had to say. And I wasn't ready to answer your questions because I probably wasn't ready to even answer mine. Sonny - Are you ready to do that now?

Segment 6: Gabi - Somehow after our annulment Nick and I stayed friends. That never would have happened if I really believed he was bigoted against the two of you. And he knows what he did to the two of you was wrong but we also know what made him do it. Will - Yeah we do but I'm sure that you can see that it does not make me want to trust him with my daughter. He's still messed up. Sonny - He's right. And Nick also hurt you. That's why we're concerned. Gabi - I know but I don't know, maybe it's hormones. Maybe I'm not sleeping enough. I just felt very sad and lonely. And I felt like all I am now is Arianne's mom; like I'm not me anymore. And Nick was there and he was friendly and sweet and it just happened. But I thought about it and it's not something that I want for myself. I just have to figure out a way to tell Nick it's not going to happen for us. It's not because the two of you talked me into it. I needed to step back and think about it. I needed to figure out what to do for myself. Will - I'm sorry. I wish that you had told me that. Gabi - It's not something easy to say. I guess that you heard I was threatening to take Arianna and move someplace else and I'm very, very sorry about that. You have to believe me. I would have never done it. You really have to believe me. Will - I do. He goes to attend to a crying Ari. Gabi - You two are always so together; on the same page about everything. I wonder what that's like. Sonny - It's a lot different than you think.

Eric - Kristen was able to convince you that she was deeply in love with you when she was planning to destroy you. I think she'd be able to do it now that she says her feelings are for real. Brady - I'm already convinced. I'm starting to believe that there's nothing Kristen could do to convince you of that. I don't want to argue with you. I've got to go. I have a meeting at the hospital. What really made you leave earlier? Eric - I thought you had a meeting to get to. Brady - You're still trying to piece together what happened to you that night at the hotel, aren't you? Eric - Yeah. Brady - Did you talk to Nicole? Eric - I tried. Brady - Try again. She was there. Just talk to her. Don't worry about it. You're going to be fine. The answers are out there somewhere.

Kristen is excited. She's already made her next appt. with Dunstall. If you had told me a couple of months ago that I'd be doing this I would have said your nuts. Dan - I am nuts but don't stop, don't question it ... Kristen isn't - not anymore. Thank you for your support. Dan will keep his fingers crossed. He sees she left the doctor's card out and calls out her name but she's gone.

EJ comes into Rafe's room and sees that he's sleeping so he slams the door shut to wake him up. EJ - Did I wake you up? Sorry.

Segment 7: Sonny - Hey, I'm having this Oktoberfest over at the club. It would be great if you could make it. Gabi - Yeah, I'm going. Cameron just asked me. Sonny - That's great. Gabi - You didn't have anything to do with that, did you? Sonny - What? Gabi - No, don't do that. Sonny - I'm not doing anything. Gabi - Yes you are. Cameron's your friend and until now he didn't even know I existed except as a patient and Rafe's little sister. Now all of a sudden we have a date. Sonny - Okay, fine I did talk to him. Gabi - Sonny! Sonny - I kept it casual. Gabi - I bet. I can hear you now. She's such a charity case. That poor girl's so desperate. Sonny - I don't know exactly what I said but I did say that you were a very nice girl who deserved a very nice guy. Gabi smiles. Did you really say that? Sonny did. Gabi - That's the sweetest thing you've ever said to me. I'm going to have to figure out this weird relationship that you and I have. Sonny - Yeah, me too. Gabi - But not now. Sonny agrees.

Rafe - What the hell do you want now? EJ - From you nothing. I just came to tell you how happy the children and I are to have Samantha back with us; one big happy family. Rafe - Good for you. EJ - It is good for me. It almost didn't happen though. Your testimony nearly put Samantha in prison. It wasn't very good for you, your testimony. Rather tarnished your reputation as the white knight of Salem. Tell me something what was it like for you to sit there and admit under oath that you lied for months to keep me from knowing Samantha was carrying my child. I mean you, standard bearer of truth, justice and the American way. Samantha and I could barely stand to listen to it. Must of been humiliating for you to, huh, I would imagine. Though probably not as humiliating as being stuck in this bed day after day like an impotent little child.

Nicole returns to the rectory. Eric is glad she's here. Nicole - Why? Eric - Because we haven't had a conversation about what happened that night in the hotel. Nicole - I can't do that right now. Eric - Why, what's wrong? Nicole - It's just that I have something to do. Eric - What do you have to do? Nicole - I have to leave.

Brady walks up to the nurse's station just as Daniel is leaving Kristen a message to call him. Brady - You calling Kristen buddy. Dan - Yeah. I just wanted to let her know something; it's no big deal. Brady - Tell me. I'm going to see her shortly. Dan - I would but the truth of the matter is it's really none of your business. Brady - Have you got a secret or something? Dan - A while back you reminded me of the difference between secrecy and privacy. I'm asking you to respect hers.

Kristen is in the park smiling at her flashdrive when the woman who edited her sex 'tape' comes along. What do you want? Kristen holds up the drive. Do you recognise your handiwork? Woman - Takes a genius editor to put that much sex on just a little piece of plastic. Kristen - I don't need it anymore so I want you to destroy it permanently. Once this little sex tape is wiped clean it will be gone forever. The woman takes the drive. I would love to help out. Problem is this isn't the right flashdrive. Kristen - What are you talking about? The woman repeats what she said in slo mo. Kristen grabs it - You're joking, right. Woman - I'm dead serious. Kristen - OMG no! This can't be happening.
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